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  • What is this series about? glow_ver6

A look at the personal and professional lives of a group of women who perform for a wrestling organization in Los Angeles.

  • Why should you watch it?

There has been a lot, but really a lot of advertising of this show in Barcelona. Some streets were even wallpapered with small posters of the show (I even snatched one for myself LOL). And even though sometimes the hype is too big and then the show is not as good as we thought, but fortunately, this is not the case!

This show is really cool. Firstly, it’s set up in the 80s, an age we all feel nostalgic, whether we lived it or not. Secondly, it’s from the creators of Orange is the New Black and you can feel it in the air that it has the same scene. At some point you might think it’s kind of copy just that instead of being them in a prison, they are on a ring, but it’s not the case as this show shines with its own light. Thirdly, there is the cast. Each one of the girls is played by a brilliant actress that gives their best performance. In my case, I really like Debbie, I find that Betty Gilpin does a marvelous performance of this character. Lastly, but not last, there is the music. Of course it’s always a music according to the age we are, and it even makes feel you more nostalgic if possible.

We follow Ruth’s character taking a patch on this new stage in her life and in every episode we learn not only more things about her but also about the other ladies. Why are doing this, what they want to be. Each episode with a wonder music surrounding us and each episode taking the story one step ahead. The only pity is that every episode only lasts about 32min, and you will feel in the mood for more and more, so it’s a brilliant excuse to binge watch the series in a single day. But then you will feel like you need more, and more, and then before you realize it the show if over.



And for the Spanish viewers:


  • Did you know?

– In Spain, a promotion campaign for the series involved singers Marta Sánchez and Vicky Larraz rekindling their rivalry over their respective stints in band Olé Olé, fitting with the show being set in the ’80s. The final video of said campaign featured Sánchez and Larraz stepping into the ring. (Showing above these lines).

– The wrestler who trained the actresses for this series, Sal Guerrero aka Chavo Guerrero, Jr. is the nephew of Armando Guerrero aka Mando, the trainer for the wrestlers on the original series on which this one is based.

– Kia Stevens, who plays Tamee/Welfare Queen in the series, is the only female cast member who is actually a professional wrestler. Stevens has been a champion all over the world wrestling under the name Awesome Kong (sometimes Amazing Kong). She also briefly wrestled in WWE as Kharma.

– Ruth’s in-ring persona ‘Zoya the Destroya’ is loosely based on original GLOW wrestler Colonel Ninotchka.

– Debbie’s in-ring persona ‘Liberty Belle’ is based on original GLOW wrestlers Americana and Scarlet and Tara the Southern Belles.

– Carmen’s in-ring persona ‘Machu Picchu’ is loosely based on original GLOW wrestler Mountain Fiji.

– Rhonda’s in-ring persona ‘Britannica’ is loosely based on original GLOW wrestlers Zelda the Brain and Godiva.

– Dawn and Stacey’s in-ring personas ‘Edna and Ethel Rosenblatt, The Beatdown Biddies’ are based on original GLOW wrestlers The Housewives, Arlene and Phyllis.

– Arthie’s in-ring persona ‘Beirut the Mad Bomber’ is based on original GLOW wrestler Palestina.

– Sam Sylvia is loosely based on Matt Cimber, the original GLOW director.

– Sebastian Howard is loosely based on David McLane, the founder of the original GLOW.

– Melanie’s in-ring persona ‘Melrose’ is based on original GLOW wrestler Hollywood.