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“Thousand apologies. Hate it when people are tardy. It’s good to meet you boys.”

  • What is this movie about? free_fire_ver15

Set in Boston in 1978, a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two gangs turns into a shootout and a game of survival.

  • Why should you watch it?

The premise of this film is pretty simple. There are two gangs that are going to exchange money for guns and then trouble strikes. Until here everything looks normal, like in others movies, two band gangs waiting for an exchange but at some point something doesn’t go right. And from here is where the magic of this movie starts. Not only things start going into a downfall, but they do not have a limit, the start and don’t seem to stop!

It is at that point, when the shooting starts that this movie really starts. The way it’s made it might remind you of the masterpiece that is “Reservoir Dogs”, but remember, this is no Tarantino and that does not mean that this movie is bad, it’s just different. Everybody starts shooting at some point and you can watch the dark humor with which it is being done, because although it’s kind of gangster movie without the hats, it’s really hilarious the situations where everybody finds themselves at some point through the story.

The cast is just brilliant. Each of them plays their roles really cool and it’s true that at some point you might find it difficult to follow them and remember who is who, but it is really normal as the camera never stops rolling. You might pick up a favourite one really fast and trying to guess what they are going to do or what is going to happen. Who is going to get the money? And the guns? Being the movie adapted in the 70s is always a plus just to see the clothes and hairstyles that everyone is wearing.

A movie to enjoy a good time and a good time to enjoy a movie. Just watch it and enjoy it.



  • Did you know?

– While planning out the dimensions of the set, Ben Wheatley built a scale replica of the film’s warehouse in the video game Minecraft.

– Armie Hammer said that police appeared on set during the second day of shooting following calls of concern from members of the public in nearby shops having heard gun shots.

– Sara Dee features in Free Fire and all previous Ben Wheatley movies he’s directed for cinema release. She plays the telephone voice.