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“The dead have taken command of the sea. They’re searching for a girl, a Pearl, and a Sparrow!”

  • What is this movie about? pirates_of_the_caribbean_dead_men_tell_no_tales_ver3

A boy and a girl cross paths and with the help of Captain Jack Sparrow go in a quest to find the trident of Poseidon.


  • Why should you watch it?

First of all, you can forget the previous film. As it never existed, but keep in mind the first trilogy, as this movie is kind of soft reboot of that one and we might see some familiar faces on it, and also some similar situations by the way.

As we are used to in all Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the action never stops. With long action scenes that never seem to end, with all details under control and crossing paths with all the characters, this movie is a good way to entertain ourselves and feel melancholic about the first (and movie) of all of them. In here different paths find their way to the same solution: they needs to find the trident of Poseidon for different reasons, and that makes all different characters having to work together. Does that sound familiar?

Johnny Depp plays again Captain Jack Sparrow and while he makes us laugh sometimes, we are already used to his performance so it feels like there is nothing new in there, specially after five movies of the same. As the new comers are the youngsters who display a good chemistry trough all the movie and that gives a bit of fresh air although we cannot help ourselves to think about Orlando and Keira in the previous installments. Then we have a new villain Captain Salazar played by Javier Bardem who gives  great and sometimes funny performance, specially when he goes like: “Spaaarrrow””, Sparroww”, that I cannot help myself but think of Robert De Niro in Cape Fear.

A good adventures movies that recovers the spirit of the first movies of the saga and keeps up with the humor that is also always present in these movies.  Plus stay tuned for the post-credit scenes, a fan service scene that leaves doors open…



  • Did you know?

– The name of the fifth installment, “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” was previously mentioned by Cotton’s parrot in the first movie, The Curse of the Black Pearl, and during a transition scene in the third movie, At World’s End.

– In several countries, the film is set to be released as Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, including English-speaking countries.

– With a release six years after its predecessor, marks the largest gap between the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

– At two hours and nine minutes long, this has the shortest running time of all the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films.

– The first film of the franchise to not be filmed in the Caribbean.

– Christoph Waltz was originally cast in the role of Captain Brand, but dropped out due to other work commitments. Javier Bardem was then given the role, but the name was changed from Brand to Salazar to sound more Mediterranean to accompany Bardem’s Spanish descent.

– After failing to return for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011), Disney reached back out to Martin Klebba (Marty), Lee Arenberg (Pintel) and Mackenzie Crook (Raghetti) to return for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017). Only Klebba was able to make it work within his schedule.

– The father of Captain Jack Sparrow was played by a Rolling Stone (Keith Richards) and in this film, the uncle of Captain Jack Sparrow is played by a Beatle (Paul McCartney).

– The Jack Sparrow’s uncle tells Jack a joke : the same joke told by Al Pacino to Johnny Depp during ” Donnie Brasco ” shooting . ” A skeleton walks into a bar , orders a mop and a beer … ”

– The five finalists for the female lead were Lucy Boynton, Gabriella Wilde, Jenna Thiam, Kaya Scodelario, and Alexandra Dowling. After Brenton Thwaites was cast, the studio did chemistry tests with Thwaites and the actresses to see who best fit the role. Kaya Scodelario was eventually cast. (Variety)