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  • What is this series about? emerald_city_ver2

A modern remaining of the stories that led to ‘The Wizard of Oz’, where Dorothy, a nurse who has been raised by foster parents, is transported to the Land of Oz. There she meets strange characters, either friends or foes, in her path to meet the  powerful Wizzard of Oz.


  • Why should you (probably not) watch it?

The story looked promising. A new adaptation of the Wizzard of Oz set in today’s world and at the same time the Land of Oz became more fantasy and action driven. According to the trailer it looked like Wizzard of Oz meets Game of Thrones. But the reality was (sadly) completely different.

It’s a bit sad what has been done with the brilliant material provided by the books. The first episode looked good. We are just learning who we are and where we are and watching Gaudí’s Park Güell as Emerald City was always a plus. But that’s it. You keep watching the episodes to feel more background of the story, of the characters, more deepness into the story that was presented to us, but what do you find instead? Absolutely nothing.

The story goes at a really fast pace. Too fast without any time to learn about the characters and their backgrounds. And before you know it, they are adding more and more characters into the story that absolutely don’t add anything to it. Absolutely anything. So you feel lost for the whole run of episodes. Waiting to see some action. Waiting to see the story taking a deepening path. But none of it is provided. I know, Game of Thrones is too good to be compared to this, and as so, comparisons are worthless.

Then there are the actors performances, which they don’t seem to reach that point where you feel connected or identified with them. Except for Joely Richardson, she is always brilliant. They wanted to maybe make like Sherlock, pick up the characters from the novels and reinvent them. but they did too fast and without further thinking. because we cannot see any of the characters from novel in here. Only some by name, but that’s it, not even Toto is Toto. And Dorothy feels like a savior that you better don’t be saved by. And no, there is no green faced witch, sigh.

It’s really a petty because it could have been a wonderful show because it has a wonderful base material. But sadly that opportunity was flushed down the toilet and we have this series that while it’s visually great, it lacks a strong plot and strong characters. Sometimes wanting to add too many things makes the fall faster.



  • Did you know?

– Combines elements of The Wizard of Oz and The Marvelous Land of Oz, the first and second books of Frank L. Baum’s Oz series.

– A rainbow sun catcher can be seen in the kitchen when Dorothy is talking to Aunt Em. A nod to “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and the color that reflects a change when Dorothy lands in Oz. Instead of arriving to Oz in color it is now black and white via the snow.

– The visuals of Emerald City, the Wizard’s Guard’s suit of armor and the imagery of the Wizard’s castle, are “heavily influenced” (ahem) by the works of Antonio Gaudí, a Catalonian architect from the Art Decó period, artifex of the Basílica de la Sagrada Familia cathedral at Barcelona.