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“I’m not from Calcutta… I’m lost”

  • What is this movie about? lion

A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home. He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia; 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family

  • Why should you watch it?

This is a movie based in a true story, and although it could get really sentimental, the director has done an amazing work in not falling too much into it but presenting a realistic story that once in a while is good to watch and to remember us that there is always hope in this world.

The story and the setting might remind you of “Slumdog Millionaire”, and also Dev Patel who is present in both, but that is mainly because we are not used to watch many Indian movies. While we watch this movie we follow the quest of the main character trying to find his family, which he was separated from as a child and by accident. Almost half of the movie takes place in Indian and we are shown the exact turn of events that happened to the main character as a child, which is interesting because normally it takes only 5 minutes to get the audience into situation but in here,the story is well developed so we can connect with the boy.

A powerful cast that provides a powerful performance that doesn’t fall into cheeriness or sentimentality. They just show you what they feel and all time remind you that these people exist in real life, that is not just a novel but reality itself. Another strong point of the movie is the cinematography really beautiful and powerful that help the audience to connect even more with these amazing characters and feel like they are present there with them too.

A movie to reconnect with the world and to never lose hope no matter what the circumstances are or where you are, no matter who you were but who you really are. Anything could happen. #LionHeart


  • Did you know?

– Based on Saroo Brierley’s memoir “A Long Way Home”, the true story of his own search for his childhood home. The film was originally set to feature the same title as the book on which it is based.

– Dev Patel had to develop a new physique to portray Saroo and attended several hours in the gym in order inhabit his part. He also grew a beard and developed an Australian accent (with Tasmanian dialect), visited Saroo Brierley’s orphanage in India and wrote a diary while he took the original train ride that Brierley accidentally took as a young child. In total, he spent eight months preparing for the role.

– Google helped the production and gave the crew access to their satellite imagery to use in the film, providing them with versions of Google Earth from the correct time period, and providing a lot of technical support in order to shoot scenes featuring google in-camera, which saved the production a VFX budget.

– The film was developed by Australian producers Andrew Fraser and Shahen Mekertichian. They stubbornly refused to change the Australian setting of the film to America and hereby received several rejections from American film production companies. By the time of release, the two producers will have spent four years on the film.

– The first scene Dev Patel filmed was the last scene of the film.

– Rooney Mara’s character is not based on a single real-life character, but is a combination of several of Saroo’s real-life girlfriends who were with him through his search.

– The real-life Brierley family was invited on set and visited the production that took place in Tasmania.

– The movie was announced April 2013 and filming was originally set to begin in August 2014. However, it was postponed until January 2015. All scenes taking place in India were shot first, and the few scenes set in Australia, featuring Dev Patel, Rooney Mara and Nicole Kidman were shot in April 2015.

– In India, over 80,000 children go missing each year and there are over 11 million children living on the streets. For the release of this film, the foundation #LionHeart was launched in collaboration between the production companies of this film, See-Saw Films and The Weinstein Company (TWC) and The Charity Network. It will provide financial support to the over 11 million children who live on the streets of India.