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“I said a lot of terrible things to you, my heart was broken, but I know yours was broken too.”

  • What is this movie about?manchester_by_the_sea

An uncle is asked to take care of his teenage nephew after the boy’s father dies.

  • Why should you watch it?

A fantastic story told in a fantastic way. Everything has a reason to be and a reason to why it happened or is happening. This movie portrays a story, that although might not even happen to us exactly as depicted, it may make us feel near the characters to whom this happens. Reality.

The story is told in a nice way, that it doesn’t feel heavy or boring for an instant, and the movie is 2 hours long. You just want to keep watching not only what is going to happen but what happened and most important, why happened. Why are the characters now like that when we see in the flashbacks that they were something completely different. Yes, there are flashbacks but not in a Fast & Furious way but in a way that if you blink you might miss them.

Of course a movie wouldn’t be good if the actors on it weren’t at their finest work portraying their characters. That is the case of the young Affleck brother. He is absolutely terrific playing the main character of this movie: an uncle that needs to take care of his nephew when something happens to his brother. He is the star of the movie but also the supporting actors are an important piece in this movie. Just see by yourself how many times have they been nominated to certain awards.

It’s a hard movie, in the sense that what it is depicted on it may not be enjoyed by many as we normally want to watch happy stories. Well, this is not a sad story but a realistic story that feels nearer than expected and which might happen to anyone of us.



  • Did you know?

– The town was called Manchester until 1989, when resident Edward Corley led a highly controversial campaign to formally change its name to Manchester-by-the-Sea. The action was passed by the state legislature that year.

– First film distributed or co-distributed by a streaming service – in this case, Amazon – to get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

– Premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

– When Patrick opens the freezer in the kitchen, you can see Gardein products in the door. Gardein makes vegan meat substitutes. The film’s lead, Casey Affleck, is a vegan and might have been involved in the placement of the products.

– This is the third film written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan after You Can Count on Me (2000) and Margaret (2011).

– Matt Damon was initially set to direct and star in the film. Back in 2011, Damon, concerned about Kenneth Lonergan’s ‘horrible limbo’, wanted to do something nice for his friend. So he sat in Lonergan’s Manhattan apartment and pitched him an idea for a script about a New England handyman who ends up with custody of his dead brother’s teen son – a story Damon thought would be right up Lonergan’s dark alley. he idea for Manchester by the Sea actually was hatched by John Krasinski. Krasinski shared his nascent pitch with Damon over dinner in 2011 during the filming of The Adjustment Bureau (in which Damon co-starred with Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt). They actually grew up a few bus stops from each other in Massachusetts – Damon in Cambridge, Krasinski in Newton. Damon liked Krasinski’s idea so much, he considered not only starring in the film but also making it his directorial debut. They wasted no time heading to New York to pitch Lonergan. Embroiled in his Margaret troubles (the film was being held up from release by a lawsuit filed by producer Gary Gilbert, who was demanding a shortened re-edit that Lonergan was refusing to make) and committed to other stage projects, it took Lonergan a couple of years to get a first draft written. By then, Damon’s schedule had filled up and he’d had second thoughts about directing the project, although he still wanted to star in it. Lonergan, meanwhile, finally had seen movement on Margaret (the film had a limited release in 2011; the court case was settled in 2014) and was starting to think about stepping behind a camera again. “He came back with this 150-page draft. It was too long, but it had everything that was in the movie.” Damon urged Lonergan to make Manchester by the Sea his next directing job. Even with Damon still attached to star and produce, financing was hard to come by. And then, another blow: Damon had to drop out as the lead because of a slew of other commitments that would have delayed production for years. He recruited childhood friend Casey Affleck to take his place.

– Director Cameo: Kenneth Lonergan as the Manchester Pedestrian who heckles Casey Affleck (Lee Chandler) for being a bad parent.