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“People love what other people are passionate about”

  • What is this movie about? la_la_land_ver3

In the city of Los Angeles a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress meet and so starts a relationship..

  • Why should you (absolutely) watch it?

All right, this movie is gaining more and more echo sound as days goes by, but for once, all positive reviews, all positive remarks, all praises and compliments are more than well deserved.

Since second one you are drawn into the story, into the characters, into the music! This movie is simply a piece of art. Something that needs to be watch and enjoyed at the same time. Many people are no fans of musical movies, but please, give it a chance. Take a chance on it as otherwise you will regret it deeply.

The story told is nothing that we haven’t seen before, boy and girl meet and they fall in love and make it into a musical. Nothing new in here but! Watch gets our attention is not the story itself, but how it is told. How we follow these characters into their lives. what are they aspirations and where they come from. Something really reachable for us, as we all can be identified with them.

Of course the main character of the movie is the music. All songs are really catchy and the dance scenes are simply brilliant, full of color and rhythm. As for Ryan and Emma, I cannot think of a better duo together on-screen. As they have shown in past collaborations together, there is chemistry between them and that is something really important for this kind of movies. Both do an amazing job which is being rewarded thru the awards season that just began.

A movie that gives tribute to classic musical movies, both made ain Hollywood and not so made in Hollywood. A move that makes you forget about what is happening around you. A movie that tells a story that we all can be related to. A movie that makes you feel. A movie absolutely worth watching and enjoying.

You still want more? Watch the fantastic French film “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” (1964); the film that inspired this fantastic piece of art that we have today and that is a piece of art itself.



  • Did you know?

– The film set a new record at the 74th Golden Globe Awards where it won seven Golden Globes (Best Picture – Musical or Comedy, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Original Score, Best Original Song “City of Stars”, Best Actor Musical or Comedy – Ryan Gosling and Best Actress Musical or Comedy – Emma Stone), surpassing the record of six awards held by “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (1975) and “Midnight Express” (1978).

– The film was shot in eight weeks over the course of summer 2015.

– The movie premiered at Venice Film Festival on 31 August 2016.

– The origins of the title is because of two reasons. Firstly the city the film is set in is Los Angeles, or in short form: LA. Hence the city is evident in the title ‘La La Land’ Secondly the film challenges the stereotypical view of Hollywood by labelling it a dream. This is also seen through the abstract cinematography.

– The express lane freeway ramp used for the opening number, Another Day Of Sun, is the same stretch of freeway as used for the iconic “bus jump” sequence from Speed (1994), where a 50-foot section of the ramp was digitally removed using CGI to create the gap the bus must jump over.

– According to composer Justin Hurwitz, all the piano performance featured in the film was first recorded by pianist Randy Kerber during pre-production. Ryan Gosling then spent two hours a day, six days a week in piano lessons learning the music by heart. By the time filming had begun, Gosling was able to play all the piano sequences seen in the film without the use of a hand double or CGI.

– The audition scene, where the casting director interrupts Mia’s emotional performance to take a phone call, was actually inspired by one of Ryan Gosling’s auditions in real life.

– Sebastian’s tip about amplifying a car fob’s range by holding it under your chin does work, but is not expected to cause cancer. Most fobs use a frequency that resonates well with water, and the human brain is mostly water.

– Was at one point-set to star Miles Teller and Emma Watson. Teller was dropped from the project in favor of Ryan Gosling, while Watson dropped out to pursue other projects. Teller previously starred in director Damien Chazelle’s first feature Whiplash.

– The film’s score was recorded in the same studio where Singin’ in the Rain (1952), The Wizard of Oz (1939), and many other MGM musicals were scored.

– La La Land has strong ties to Emma Stone’s real-life history. The movie is based in LA, and Mia is discovered as a college dropout actress pursuing her dreams. Emma Stone is actually a school dropout herself, moving to LA at the age of 15 in pursuit of an acting career.

– The production reopened two locations for filming: The Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena and the Angels Flight railway in downtown L.A. The Rialto has been closed since 2007 because it was unable to sustain itself as a single movie theatre. Angels Flight has been closed since 2013 over safety issues to the public. Filmmakers were able to get around this by stating that the railway was operating for a day to get it back into service while secretly filming the scene as a private function.

– The song “When I Wake”, by Justin Hurwitz was first featured in the movie Whiplash, with the two main characters listening to the song while out on a date. The same thing happens in La La Land as the song is featured in the background while Sebastian and Mia are talking about jazz – exactly the same topic the two characters from Whiplash were discussing.

– Coincidentally, all three films to date co-starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone: Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), Gangster Squad (2013), and La La Land (2016); are primarily set in Los Angeles.