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“Trust the unknown”

  • What is this series about? oa

Having gone missing seven years ago, the previously blind Prairie Johnson returns home, now in her 20s and her sight restored. While many believe she is miracle, others worry that she could be dangerous.


  • Why should you watch it?

Now that most v series are on hiatus is the perfect time to binge watch some of them, and the OA is the perfect one to start! Only 8 episodes!

The wasn’t much publicity or advertising for this new Netflix series.After the success of “Stranger Things” we feel like we need to fill the void with another series, that is until Season 2 starts. So comparisons between “Stranger Things” and “The OA” are unavoidable and maybe unnecessary, so here is the deal: at first they might look-alike but after finishing episode 1 of “The OA” you realize that they do have nothing in common, except for their excellent quality.

This is one of those series where stands: the less said, the better. At first it seems like the typical kidnapping story, but with the addition that the persona kidnaped was blind and now it is not anymore. So there is kind of fantasy aspect to consider; something that should be remembered as the series advances because at some point you will think “what?, no way”. But remember: this is fiction, fantasy, so anything is possible.

The premise of this show is really interesting, something that we might not be used to watch and experience. It is something that will make you think about because it is something really out of the blue that by just watching the trailer you will not think about it for a second. Wich is pretty good as we are tired to watch the whole movie/series already in the trailer. If you manage to finish watching the episode one, you won’t be able to put the series down until you have finished watching the whole season.


  • Did you know?

– Although they came out months apart, Netflix gave The OA and Stranger Things the go-ahead at the same time.

– Part of the filming for the show was filmed at Monroe-Woodbury High School in Orange County New York.

– In episode 2, “New Colossus,” when Prairie and her parents are taking a family photo, we hear the photographer say, “…Prairie, toward the sound of my voice, honey…” to get her attention. The Sound of My Voice (2011) is the first feature-length film by both Zal Batmanlij and Brit Marling.

– In episode 4, “Away,” Jesse goes home and watches TV with his sister. They are watching Stranger Things (2016), another Netflix Original series.

– The series features music from creator Zal Batmanglij’s brother; musician, producer and former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij.

– This will be Brit Marling’s first TV show since Babylon (2014).