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“Your Name…?”

  • What is this movie about? kimi-no-na-wa

Two high school kids who’ve never met – city boy Taki and country girl Mitsuha – are united through their dreams.


  • Why should you (absolutely) watch it?

The story being with a girl and a boy. One in the countryside and the other in the city. both are connected through their dreams and they are exchanging bodies and of course a bond is made. Then the story changes its path and you cannot feel but drawn into it without second thoughts.

Not only the story is brilliant and really, really, emotional, but the characters are really simple, ones that you can feel yourself identified with no matter how old you are. Then there is the music, which is the cause of your almost dehydration but remember, once in a while is good to clean your eyes. Nothing to say about the animation, as this is an anime, and as an anime is simply perfect. It is good to see some brilliant anime movie that is not from master Miyazaki, because personally, is the best movie from 2016 that I have watched so far. You have romance, you have drama, you have laughs, you have fantasy, you have science fiction… the perfect combination all together, which is easy to say but not so easy to make.

“Your Name” is a movie that spellbounds you since the first minute, or second. It starts like other movies that have played with the connection between two people via dreams, but in this case more than dreams it looks like they are exchanging bodies. Yes, it’s not the first time that this concept is approached but still at the beginning of the movie there is something different, a change in the story that you don’t see coming because it is too early in the movie for”that” to happen! And from that moment on you cannot wait to see what is going to happen and before you realize it the movie is over (almost 2 hours of your time well spent!).

There is a reason why this movie is the most grossed movie of 2016, and worth of many movie awards, Oscar one included! So prepare a box of tissues and enjoy it with your family!


  • Did you know?

– The teacher who teaches Classical Japanese at Mitsuha’s school, Ms.Yuki, is the same person from the movie “Garden of Words”, made by the same director, Makoto Shinkai.

– The first anime film not made by Studio Ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki to gross 10 Billion Yen at the Japanese box office (about US$98 million).


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