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  • What is this series about?  crisis-in-six-scenes

Set in the 1960s, the story follows an old couple whose live is turned upside down with the visit of an uncommon guest.

  • Why should you watch it?

First reason is that this is the first and the last Wood Allen series ever, so it should be watched just to see what it is about and how it has been made. But remember, if you are not a Woody Allen fan you better skip it and save you suffering; although the series is really short, just 6 episodes of 20 minutes each, meaning that in 3 hours you are done with it.

Keeping up with the style, this series takes place in the 60s and the two main characters are the old couple played by Wood Allen himself and Elaine May, who by the way are really hilarious in their roles, as we are used in his films. They play and old married couple, she more receptive to changes and he is against changes, the perfect combination. Then, their life is changed when Miley Cyrus character appears, a hippie against Vietnam War, and then the couple’s world in completely changed.

The series has its funny moment, some understandable some a bit more unrealistic, but nonetheless funny. It has also drama, because we must not forget the topics that are discussed and shown in the background (it’s the sixties, Vietnam War, Peace and Love….) are something that were daily matters on the age of change.

It must not be his best work; no “Annie Hall” in here, but it is also not his worst; I still can recover myself after that “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona” thing. It is just a longer movie that you can pause every 20 minutes.


  • Did you know?

– At Cannes in May, Woody Allen called his decision in making this series “a catastrophic mistake”. He explained this was because he was “struggling with it at home. I never should have gotten into it. I thought it was going to be easy. You do a movie and it’s a big long thing; to do six half-hours you’d think would be a cinch. But it’s not: it’s very, very hard.”

– This is the second time an Amazon series has had a director who typically concentrates on the big screen. The first was Ridley Scott who produced ‘The Man In The High Castle’.