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“Inferno is upon us”

  • What is this movie about? inferno_ver4

Robert Langdon finds himself in a hospital in Florence with amnesia and he doesn’t remember what he was doing in Italy. With the help of Dr Sienna Brooks they will try to decipher the last plot against humanity.

  • Why should you (not) watch it?

After “The DaVinci Code” and “Angels & Demons” we have: “Inferno”. “The DaVinci Code” was a great hit and “Angels & Demons” didn’t do bad either, sadly the same cannot be said about Inferno.

The movie lacks what their predecessors had: originality, creativity and cultural value. Yes, what you learn in the first two films wasn’t entirely true, but nonetheless you learnt something while enjoying it. In here you learn nothing. If it wasn’t based on the book it could be a normal action, thriller movie. A movie just to enjoy your time in front of the screen and then forgetting at all about it, with plain characters that at some point you might get confused on why are they doing what are doing. Tom Hanks, of course, is a great actor and he is in the company of Felicity Jones, one of the actresses of the moment, and it is really a pity how their performances cannot save this movie, making it a bit dull and forgetful.

Yes, there is action, a non-stop action like we always find in movies based in Dan Brown’s work, but it is just that. Nothing big enough or interesting enough to keep our brains connected to the movie; just things that come and go. Like in the previous movies, when everything happens in a rush, one thing after another, but in here when they go from one point to the next they don’t feel that well-connected, like there isn’t a major purpose to all this madness, there a not so many riddle or mystery as before, in there it is something more common and later on in the movie, when you learn the truth, you might feel really disappointed with all of it.

“Inferno” is actually the fourth out of four books, but the movie was made before “The Lost Symbol” because the book was a bestseller, as it happened with “The DaVinci Code” years ago that was made before “Angels & Demons”, although the second comes before the first. There are way many important differences with the book and the most important one is the end, which I won’t spoil, but personally I like much more the end of the book, more realistic I would say, just as a clue: it is the other side of the coin than in the movie. Another thing that they have changed is the female character, in the movie is more flat than in the book and her purpose is nothing special, just someone more, which is just a pity because in the book it is a wonderful one.

If you have read the book you probably won’t like the movie, like the author of this review; but on the other hand, if you haven’t read it, you might like the movie. So feel free to decide: to watch, or not to watch.



  • Did you know?

– ‘Inferno’ is the fourth book of the Robert Langdon’s saga. But it is the third one to be adapted for a film. The third book is ‘The Lost Symbol’, written by Dan Brown.

– Initially the third book “The Lost Symbol” was going to be produced without Ron Howard directing it, but in 2013 the fourth book “Inferno” was released and Sony Pictures bought the rights and decided to produce Inferno instead.

– Just a few weeks before the release of this film, Dan Brown announced the new book in the Robert Langdon series titled: “Origin” and is expected to be released in September 2017.

– In July 2013, Sony set the film for a December 18, 2015, release. However, due to the date clash with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (2015), the release date was moved from December 18, 2015, to October 14, 2016. In early 2016, the release date was moved to October 28, 2016.

– In comparison to The DaVinci Code (2006) and Angels & Demons (2009), where the music was mostly orchestral with a few cues of electronic music, this film has a heavier electronic content. The music of the three films was composed by Hans Zimmer.

– In comparison with the previous two films that focused more on solving codes and riddles and religious against science situations, Inferno focuses more on moral dilemmas, global diseases, memory loss and character development.

– Released 10 years after “The Da Vinci Code” the first film in the trilogy.

– Sienna is British in this film. Vittoria in “Angels & Demons” is Italian and Sophie in “The Da Vinci Code” is French.

– The film never mentions the events of the previous films, in fact they almost ignore them after Robert in one scene mentions he is claustrophobic while in the first film he was cured from it.