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Shingeki no Kyojin

  • What is this movie about? shingeki_no_kyojin_zenpen_ver14

Hundred years ago a big creatures called the titans appeared and most of the human race disappeared from Earth. In order to stop the titans, humanity built a big wall to stop them. Now, many years later, we follow the lives of three young people who witness the apparition of a huge titan that is bigger than the wall built to protect them…

Live action movies (there is Part I and Part II) of the claimed manga and anime Attack on Titan.

  • Why should you (not) watch this movie?

It is well known that the manga (and following anime) of Attack on Titan is a masterpiece. And it is also well known that live action based on mangas usually have NOTHING in common with said manga, except for the characters. And here (sadly) once again, we find ourselves in the same case.

Best thing about the movie is seeing some of the characters, their clothes, the wall, the situation and the titans; that is, what we see in the manga/anime. If you are a fan of the original thing, you will appreciate these details, nothing more, nothing less. If you are a newcomer, then you probably will like the movies.

The story has nothing to do, absolutely nothing to do, with the original story, everything is changed, characters are changed or deleted form the story, and somethings make no sense at all. So you might feel a bit disappointed. But if you, as I said, have no idea about the original story, then you will probably like the movie. It has action (not as much as in the series, sandly..), it has shocking moments (some pretty disturbing, by the way) and in all both parts are fine. Personally, I think the Part I is better than part II, to say something.

If you are an Attack on Titan fan, this movie will probably disappoint you, but is a must watch. If you have no idea about the manga, then watch it, and you will probably like it, and then read the manga or watch the anime because you will enjoy it way more and realize what a waste of time these two movies were.


  • Did you know?

– The movie was filmed on an abandoned mining island.

– The movie is post-apocalyptic as evidenced by the armoured cars guns and smokestacks.

– Hajime Isayama was originally going to kill off most of the main characters as an ending, but changed his mind when the manga became popular.

– The writer of the manga was going to have trees protect the city and not the wall but later decided that a big wall was better than a thick tree line.

– The Colossal Titan is depicted in the manga and anime series as being 60 meters tall. In this film adaptation, the creature’s size has been doubled to 120 meters.

– The uniforms have been changed from the manga and anime. No longer does the military issue the half jacket and slacks. Now each branch has a distinct uniform. The garrison resembles WW2 Japanese military uniforms and the military police wear black leather trench coats. The scouts retain the original design and the training corps have been dissolved.