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  • What is this series about? victoria_itv

This first series follows the life of monarch Queen Victoria, since the moment she was named queen, through her first years as a sovereign, following the courtship of Prince Albert, their marriage and the first years of life together.


  • Why should you watch it?

Who better than the British to show the life of their sovereigns? Once again we can forget about American series, because the brits are coming, and they are coming through the big door. When I first watched the trailer it captivated me and I added the series to my watch list, and it did not disappoint at all. The only disappointment is that this first series only consists of 8 episodes; at least they are one hour-long.

This drama goes very deep into the story of this monarch who, with the permission of the current Queen, was the monarch with the longest reign in British history, so there is a lot to tell. In these first 8 episodes (it has already been convinced that there will be a second series and hopefully more to come) we meet Victoria already as a young adult and receiving the news that she is the new queen. We follow how she grows up and how she becomes the queen that everybody remembers. We see her relationship with her counselors, her family and most of all with Prince Albert, the love of her life.

This series has history accuracy, everything has been studied, even the tiniest detail, and that is really interesting because you learn some things that they did not teach you at school (even though some things have been made up, but you will recognize them). All these details wouldn’t be appreciated if it weren’t for the amazing performance that Jenna Coleman gives us all. She is simply wonderful in her role on a young Victoria and it is through her eyes that we learn along with her, through her voice that we are taught how a ruler is born. Of course she has a great supporting cast allowing her to shine even more in her performance and there is specially Tom Hughes who plays Prince Albert; you can just feel their on screen chemistry.

There are some wonderful scenes such as: the coronation, the moment when Victoria and Albert see each other for the first time or the last long scene of the series that just make you want to put them on repeat mode. If it weren’t for the music, another key player in this series, and for how the camera surrounds the characters, we would probably forget about this series as soon as we had watched it.

Now we have to wait one year to see the second series…. Meanwhile you can check bellow the trailer and the opening, with the brilliant music.




  • Did you know?

– Tori the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the series also played Dash in the movie Young Victoria starring Emily Blunt.

– Brown eyed Jenna Coleman wore blue colored contacts to play Queen Victoria.

– Jenna Coleman was allowed to read Queen Victoria’s diaries as research. Parts of the diaries had been removed upon the queens instruction shortly after her death.

– Jenna Coleman had to learn the waltz and ride side saddle.

– Jenna Coleman, Eve Myles and Tommy Knight were in Doctor Who