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“Stay Peculiar”

  • What is this movie about? miss_peregrines_home_for_peculiar_children

Jacob’s grandfather has been telling him fairy tales stories since he was little. Now that he has passed away in mysterious way, Jacob starts to discover that those fairy tales might not as strange and impossible as it might be. So he starts a quest to find an old acquaintance from his grandfather, Miss Peregrine…

  • Why should you watch it?

The movie is based in the first of three books, so yes, another YA novel made into movie. But! This is a Tim Burton’s film, and as a Tim Burton’s movie, it leaves no one indifferent, for better or worse; and in this case it is for the better. We get to enjoy his imagination creating this world for the big screen and making the audience enjoy their time in front of it.

The story iswell-developed, it has a good rhythm and before you know it, you are embarking yourself in a journey towards a fantasy world where you will forget about reality and just feel one more of the gang. I haven’t had the opportunity to read the books (but now they are in my to read list), but there are some differences with the books, which looks like they were made on purpose so the story flows at a better path for a movie. Speaking of which, the path might look a bit slow at the beginning, when we get introduced to Jake’s life and what is going on, but then it start to get faster, step by step, but faster and in a non-stop mode.

Among the cast we find some familiar faces, like flawless Eva Green, also a sight for our eyes and ears, whose character reminds us a bit of the one she plays in Penny Dreadful, at least physically. But the main character of this movie is Asa Butterfield, who stole our hearts in “The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas” and “The Invention of Hugo”. He is the one whose story we follow: we laugh with him, we cry with him, we get afraid with him and we enjoy this fantasy world with him.

Definitely, a movie to enjoy either with your family, or alone, and to be reminded that we all are peculiar, and that does not mean a bad thing, just enjoy who you are and forget about the rest. PS: Watch out those twins!


  • Did you know?

– Based off the very popular novel of the same name by author Ransom Riggs. He has released three books in the series. The sequel to the first book is “Hollow City”, followed by “Library of Souls”, which are both now available.

– Ransom Riggs’ novel was partly inspired by otherworldly vintage photographs, one of them being a cover shot of a levitating girl. The author collected these at flea markets, included them in the book and later showed them all to director Tim Burton before filming began.

– In the books, Olive is one of the youngest girls and has the ability to float, the inhumanly strong Bronwyn is of an age with Jake and Emma, and Emma has the ability to control fire. In the film, the ages of Olive and Bronwyn and the abilities of Olive and Emma are switched, with Emma also gaining the ability to control air.

– The house where the children live is an actual house. It’s called “Torenhof” and can be found near Antwerp, Belgium.

– Tim Burton described Miss Peregrine as “a scary Mary Poppins”. She also has the ability to turn into a bird.

– The movie release date was switched from March 4 2016 to Christmas 2016 then to September 30 2016.

– Part of the film was filmed in Blackpool in the UK.

– Director Cameo: Tim Burton – Man on amusement park ride.