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“True beauty is the highest currency we have. Without it, she would be nothing.”

  • What is this movie about? neon_demon_ver7

This is LA. A city where potential movie stars and model stars arrive to try to find stardom. Here we find a promising young model with inner and outer beauty who tries to find her place in this world of luxury and physical beauty. But the elders that have been in this business for longer time won’t take it easy on her…

  • Why should (not) you watch it?

This is a strange movie; something that shouldn’t surprise us as here we are talking about director Nicolas Winding Refn, whose previous works “Drive” and “Only God Forgives” did not leave anyone indifferent; either because it was brilliant (like in the first example) or because it was not (like in the second example).

As always in his films, what gets the audience attention is how the movie’s aesthetical appeal. Best things of the movie is how it looks like and its music, always good, that we cannot complain about. And in this movie, that is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Except for Elle Fanning’s performance, which we know she always is good at.

The story is something we have watched more than once and more than twice: the dream of a young female to go to the city where dreams come true: LA/Hollywood, depending on what dreams does she want to have. That is nothing new but what is new is the way the story is told, with some creepy scenes and a creeper outcome (won’t say anything more). But still it will be probably a movie you will forget about. We will have to wait for the next “Drive” movie, if it comes.


  • Did you know?

– The film was shot in chronological order and the ending was created and improvised on set, according to Elle Fanning

– The second film by Refn to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival that received booing and jeering after the press showing.

– Throughout production, when filming was to resume, director Nicolas Winding Refn wouldn’t yell “Action!” to set things in motion. Instead he yelled “Violence Motherf*****s”.

– Nicholas Winding Refn made Elle Fanning watch Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) for her preparation.

– Elle Fanning had to endure a lot of fake movie blood during production, even having to taste a portion of it. The crew made it taste like syrup, in order to make it more pleasing for the performers.

– ‘Nicolas Winding Refn’ allegedly chose to film at the The Paramour Mansion because it’s rumored to be haunted.

– It has been rumored that this movie would be shot in 60 frames per second (fps). However, Director Nicolas Winding Refn stated he only shot in 60 fps for one slow motion scene.