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“One Little Bump. One Big Question.”

  • What is this movie about? bridget_joness_baby_ver5

Some years after the vents of the previous movie, we find Bridget again celebrating her 43rd birthday and writing new resolutions on her new diary. Now we find her with a different job, some new friends, her old friends, a new romance and an old romance..


  • Why should you watch it?

Frist, Bridget Jones is back!! And no, this movie is no based in the third book os the saga, it’s something completely different and 100% original, no based in any book.

Second, chick flicks are no longer welcomed in the market but this is not one of those soapy movies. This is Bridget Jones who comes back as she always does, making us laugh about the situations she finds herself in and reminding all of us that she is human too, which allows her to come nearer to the audience.

Third, out of the three movies this is the one were I laughed the most, because that is why you go watch this movie, to laugh and forget about the rest and it passes the test way ahead.

Four, we get to see Bridget and Mr. Darcy again!! Both are played again by Renée and Colin and as always, they have good chemistry on-screen and it doesn’t feel like fifteen years have passed since the previous movie. Plus, there is Patrick playing McDreamy, er, I mean a new love interest and of course, he is flawless playing him.

Fifth, everybody is back! Bridget’s old friends. Bridget’s parents. Bridget’s new friends at work, who are younger than her and it is a good point  to see the generation difference, which means, funnier situations. And then, there is Emma Thompson, who plays Bridget’s doctor and every time she is on-screen (sorry there) she steals the show. You cannot stop laughing with her dialogues.

If you want to have a great time, laugh and think about live itself, go watch it. Yes, it’s more a movie for women than for men but both can enjoy it fully.

  • Did you know?

– This is not a film adaptation of Helen Fielding’s “Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy”, the third novel in the Bridget Jones series, released in 2013. Instead it’s based on an original screenplay which Fielding wrote with David Nicholls.

– The events of the film take place before author Helen Fielding’s novel “Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy”.

– The production start date of the third ‘Bridget Jones’ film is October 2nd 2015. This is 11 years after the previous entry in the series was released.

– Scenes set at the British summer music festival at Glastonbury were filmed during wintertime in England.

– Controversially, this is the first time Renée Zellweger hasn’t gained weight in order to portray Bridget Jones. Several online outlets claimed that Zellweger betrayed her iconic character, as the honest body image is considered a part of the character’s appeal. However, director Sharon Maguire defends the decision to keep Jones’ waist down; “We all really loved the notion that Bridget had finally reached her ideal weight – somewhere between a UK size 10 or 12 – but still hadn’t solved any of her issues about love and loneliness.”

– The ‘Bridget Jones’ series is the first movie trilogy directed exclusively by female directors.

– Released on the 20-Years-Anniversary of the publication of the first Bridget Jones novel, while filming began on the 20-Years-Anniversary of the release of the first Bridget Jones column in The Independent.

– In the international trailer, a co-worker of Bridget holds up a sign that says “Baby on board”. In the UK trailer the same sign says “Up the duff”.

– Jones’ handwritten diary has been replaced with an iPad.

– It is revealed Mark Darcy has a middle name – Fitzwilliam. This is one of the many references in Bridget Jones’s novels and films to the novel “Pride and Prejudice”: Mr. Darcy’s first name (rarely mentioned) is Fitzwilliam.

– Emma Thompson, Gemma Jones, Shirley Henderson and Jim Broadbent have all appeared in the Harry Potter movies.

– The opening day for the film in the UK marked the biggest ever opening for a comedy in the UK and Ireland.

– Three different endings have been filmed for the movie. None of the cast members will know which is used, until the film opens in cinemas.