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“You would be surprised what a man is capable of once he realizes there is no god.”

  • What is this movie about? dont_breathe_ver5

Three friends are entering and breaking into many houses in order to steal money and valued goods from their owners. Their latest target is a house were a blind man lives with $300K, but things don’t go as easy as planned….

  • Why should you watch it?

(Good) horror movies are back! Finally! Lately we can enjoy horror (or thriller) movies that really gives us chills, and this is one of them!!

More than a horror movie I would say this movie is a thriller movie, because more than getting scared you get stressed out, like really stressed out. The whole movie. Believe me. Yes, the three guys are supposed to be the bad guys as they are trespassing a private property but cannot but feel pity for them when the hunter becomes the prey.

The movie has a good rhythm, not for a moment the stress does stop, maybe too much for our nerves, but everything has a reason to be. The only weak point it the reason behind all this (there is always a hidden reason) because is nothing special, kind of expected, but there is indeed a really disgusting situation which I will not mention but if you watch the movie you will know which I am talking about, and it is something that is not so normal.

If you want to be frightened, then go watch this movie, there is no alien, no monster, unless you count human beings as monster, which is the sense of all this…


  • Did you know?

– Stephen Lang wore contact lenses that greatly restricted his vision, particularly in low light. The other actors, in the scene taking place in the dark, wore lenses that made them look like they had dilated pupils but also greatly restricted their vision.

– Stephen Lang only has about thirteen lines of dialogue in the whole movie (most of which comes near the end of the film).

– This film was originally titled “A Man in the Dark.”

– The street where the old man lives is called “Buena Vista.” In Spanish? this translates to “Good Sight.” The old man is blind.