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“Huh? What was that? I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry. The voices. Ahaha, I’m kidding! Jeez! That’s not what they really said.”

  • What is this movie about?

Fearing that the world is vulnerable to otherworldly threats, the Government enlists the disposable Task Force X on a high-risk mission in exchange for absolution.


  • Why should you watch it?

Reson one: just for the fun of it!! The movie is really entertaining and has good humor scenes. But, if you are looking for another Marvel movie, this is not it. This is DC, and it’s time that people are aware of it, although comparisons are in order, as always. The movie has rhythm and good action scenes, but at some times the plot is weak, there is nothing new there that could be given to the audience. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy it, because you do. And if you didn’t like BvS, you will probably like this one better as the story flows faster and is less darker.

Reason two: Harley Quinn. Maybe the most popular character in the movie; even more than the Joker, who by the way, is NOT a part of the squad, so don’t expect him to appear that much in the movie. She is his girlfriend, and probably she is even crazier than him. Every time that we hear Margot Robbie speak, she really steals the show; she is simply the best with her performance of the crazy girlfriend. One cannot help themselves to look for more information about her and check the Batman animated movies (guilty here).

Reason three: the music. The soundtrack is one of the best things about this movie. Old known songs, and not so old, that will transport you to another time while you enjoy the action in the movie. The best example of it the first movie trailer, which got us hooked since the first second. If there was an Oscar category for trailers, this one would definitely take it home. Please enjoy.


  • Did you know?

– This is the first non-Batman film to star The Joker.

– To try to find the perfect Joker laugh, Jared Leto publicly tried different laughs in New York City and Toronto to see which ones made people the most uncomfortable.

– The helicopter crash scene was the last to be shot just in case any of the actors got injured and filming was delayed.

– Margot Robbie revealed at San Diego Comic-Con International 2016 that although the cast members of the squad had extensive rehearsals together, she and Jared Leto did not rehearse prior to filming their scenes. She and director David Ayer felt it added to the unpredictability and madness of Harley Quinn and The Joker.

– Gotham City is revealed to be located in New Jersey according to Waller’s files on Deadshot and Harley.

– During the first scenes of Harley Quinn’s origins, there is a montage that includes Margot Robbie dancing with The Joker while wearing the original red and black Harlequin suit her character was invented with in the 1990s. This shot is inspired by artist Alex Ross’s painted cover for “Batman: Harley Quinn #1,” which was the character’s official entry into DC Comic’s main universe.

– David Ayer revealed Jared Leto’s first official look as The Joker in April 24, 2015, the character’s 75th anniversary.

– Despite the mixed and negative reviews, Suicide Squad still broke the August opening weekend record at the box office. The record was previously set by Guardians Of The Galaxy in 2014.

– This is the first Joker incarnation to not have a face disfigurement or make up to extend his smile.

– Part of this film is set in Midway City. In the DC Comics, this was the home of the superhero couple Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

– This movie was filmed in Toronto, Ontario in June 2015 under the code name “Bravo 14.”

– Harley’s choker necklace has the word “puddin” written on it. This is one of the many pet names she used in the animated series when speaking to The Joker.

– In an interview, director David Ayer said that in this film, a different side of Batman can be seen as he is shown from a villain’s perspective.

– Jared Leto appeared as The Joker in the official music video for “Purple Lamborghini” by Rick Ross and Skrillex, from “Suicide Squad: The Album”.

– Except for Heath Ledger, all the Joker actors are older than their Batman co-stars. Jared Leto is only 9 months older than Ben Affleck, Caesar Romero was 21 year’s older than Adam West, Jack Nicholson is 14 years older than Michael Keaton and Mark Hamill being 4 years older than Kevin Conroy.