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“This is my house!”
  • What is this movie about? conjuring_two_ver2

Some years have passed since the previous movie. The Warrens are back in action, this time they travel to London where a family’s house is plagued with malicious spirits.


  • Why should you watch it?

The first movie, was really good. Then we had Annabelle, which we better forget about. And then, there is this one, which is the best one out of the three movies. Yes, there isn’t the novelty that was present in the first movie, but that doesn’t mean that this move is just another sequel, because it is not.

In here we find the typical enchanted house story, even possessions, but it looks more like “The Exorcist” than other scareless horror movies, both in the way to develop the story and the quality of it. There are no cheap scares like we are used to in nowadays cheap horror movies, nor free horny teens (thank God!), nor ridiculous scenes, as the target of this movie are not teen but adult people. This is a horror movie of the old school, everything happens for a reason, each scare is fresh, and you really get scared and jump from your seat (finally!). You may see them coming, you may not… The music, the dark scenography, everything takes you to your worst nightmare …

Besides all this horror movie stuff, there is the plot, which is something that is always weak in horror movies, but in this one it is not, quite the contrary; everything has an order to go, and a path to follow, which is really not disappointing, and you cannot take your eyes from the screen to see how the end is going to be. The director has us well used to it to this kind of quality in horror movies, after all he made the first Conjuring movie and the Insidious saga, and be careful, Patrick Wilson is in there too, so don’t worry is you mix both movies. Plus, this movie is based on real events, so it has a support from where to take the information and then adapt it the best to watch the audience wants.

Watch it, you will have a good time, enjoy your money well spent and get some good scare that will have your adrenaline boosting, plus there are amazing actors that will make you enjoy it even more. Just be careful when you get back at home at night…



  • Did you know?

– On the first day of shooting, a priest was brought in to bless the set.

– Takes place six years after the first movie.

– Unlike the original film, which was filmed with hopes of getting a PG-13 rating (though the studio and filmmakers were ultimately OK with the R that the MPAA assigned), the sequel was both written and directed with the intention that it get an R rating, which is in fact what the MPAA granted it.

– The opening scene where The Warrens are seen partaking in a scene in the Amityville Horror House, Lorraine is seen wearing trench coat and long pants. Inspiration for this costume was taken from what the real Lorriane Warren wore during a seancè in real life during the Amityville case. She wore a replica of the real coat Lorriane wore.

– References to other movies can be found in the Warren home. A painting of the house from The Conjuring is seen in Ed’s office. The doll from Annabelle and the music box from The Conjuring are seen amongst the collection in their den as well.