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“Are you ready huntsman? “

  • What is this movie about?

Prequel/Sequel of Snow White and the Huntsman, here we follow the story of the Huntsman after the events of the previous movie while we learn about his past before the events of the previous movie where we meet sisters Ravenna and Freya along the way.


  • huntsman_ver6Why should (not) watch it?

Well, the trailer was very promising, but don’t forget, the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman was also promising, but then we got what we got. Here I am afraid to say that happens the same, again (that is two times for us).

So, the plot is pretty weak. We get first a looong flashback before the previous move, and then we are back to where we were left. The idea about an army of Huntsmen is not that good… although if it’s Emily Blunt the Ice Queen, then we will them a chance. What is really good are the visual effects. Yes that is the typical movie that the plot doesn’t matter because of the visual effects, and the actors and actresses on it. There is also a bit of action, but not enough in my opinion and when there is, is not that spectacular and goes by pretty fast.

The best things about the movie? Charlize and Emily. They take the show away when they are on the screen, because both are fantastic actresses and they are the best playing the badass of the movie (and here we have two!). Really the best about it. Ah! And watch Emily on a big polar bear, that is always something cool to watch.



  • Did you know?

– Like the 2014 film “300: Rise of an Empire”, this film is both prequel and sequel and takes place before and after “Snow White and the Huntsman”, as it details how The Huntsman became Huntsman and Ravenna’s rise to power.

– Emily Blunt’s make-up initially took two hours to apply.

– Chris Hemsworth who plays the Huntsman, is also famous for playing the Norse god Thor in the Marvel films. Emily Blunt’s character is named Freya, which is also the name of a Norse goddess. Freya is associated with love, magic and death. According to legend, she was married to the god Odin, who vanished one day. Freya searched the entire world to find him, gaining a new name in every land she passed through, but unable to find him again. The brokenhearted goddess cried tears which became gold, and her experience made her particularly sympathetic to lovers.

– Jessica Chastain was contractually obligated to appear in this film, due to starring in a previous film also distributed by Universal, Crimson Peak (2015).

– Universal Pictures originally planned this film as a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), but then dropped Kristen Stewart from the film. It was speculated that this was because of her widely reported affair with the previous film’s director, Rupert Sanders. However, Universal’s statement in August 2012 emphatically denied that Stewart had been dropped from the film because of any indiscretion, and that the studio was exploring all options: it was eventually decided that this film would instead be a prequel about the Huntsman rather than Snow White.