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Season 1 – 8 Episodes

Season 2 – 10 Episodes

This (mini) series takes place right after the events of Captain America (2011). We follow what happens with Agent Peggy Carter, first introduced to us in the Captain America movie and who has appeared in other Marvel’s movies, if only for a cameo. We follow her life in the 40s and how S.H.I.E.L.D. did originate.agent_carter

The series if absolutly fantastic.Although there is Marvel in the tittle, we see NO superheroes at all. Not a single one! NONE! So if you wanted to watch more superheroes series go an pick something else (you have plenty to choose from) but if you want something from the Marvel universe where we not see any of them, just plain normal human beings working for a secret agency and fighting against bad guys, this is your series.

For those who haven’t watched the Captain America movie (or any Marvel movie so far), this series takes place in the 40s, after World War II. The main character is Peggy Carter. British but living in the United States. Agent of a secret agency that mainly has men as agents. She not only has to face working in an agency full of testosterone but also she has to face Mr Stark (the father of Iron Man) and his contant flirting (which is really hillarious). In addition, there is Mr Jarvis, Mr Stark’s buttler and all-do man who constantly helps Peggy in her misions.

The show is really smooth. It has continuity, there is not a single stop for any moment. It has humour, those Brits really now how so survive in the US. It has references to other Marvel movies, which is cool for Marvel fans so you have to keep foru eyes to get those. And above all it has a great quality! For a moment you forget that you are watching a Marvel show and you feel like watching and old film noir, which is not far from the truth. There are crimes taking place, femme fatales everywhere and a Cold War coming its way. Simply fantastic!

Although its first season got good reviews it barely made it into a season renewal. Now, the second season is over and we are facing the same thing. Again. so please #SaveAgentCarter!!



  • Did you know?

– Agent Carter wears red, white, and blue to work, perhaps a tribute to her fallen love, Steve Rogers, aka Captain America.

– This series takes place after the events of “Captain America” (2011).

– Hayley Atwell admitted on Twitter while filming the first season of Agent Carter, she had to go get her picture taken for her driver’s license/ID at the Department of Motor Vehicles. As a result, her photo on the card has her in the hairstyle, makeup and outfit of Peggy Carter.

– It is widely rumored that the ring Dr. Ivechenko spins on his finger while manipulating his victims is one of The Mandarin’s ten rings. Known as the Mento-Intensifier ring, aka The Liar, it allows the wearer to create mental illusions and even mental paralysis inside another person’s mind.

– The main over arching plot of the series of Howard Stark enlisting Peggy to help him retrieve his stolen inventions is an adaption of the story arc, “Armor Wars” from the Iron Man comics, where Tony Stark hunts down his stolen armor tech.

– Cinematographer Gabriel Beristain used a combination of modern digital technology and traditional analog techniques to replicate the feel of period films.