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I want to believe. Sadly, the believing time is over. The X Files mini series has come and gone as fast as we can say UFO. It has been 6 weeks. Only 6 weeks. Short but intense. And most important of all, it has been VERY satisfactory!!

15 years. That is how long we fans have been waiting for this to happen, for Mulder and Scully to come back  (sorry, but that thing called a movie doesn’t count!). Luckily for us, this time The X Files came back for real. As good as it did in the old times. And nothing like the movies. Although I have to say that the first movie at least was interesting and kept us on track with the story, with the alien arch. But the second one… where was the need!!? Anyway, back to the mini series. In these 6 episodes we feel what we felt in the original series. What is going on? Are they gonna find the truth? Is the truth out there? Do they still want to believe? Is there any monster of the week? What happens with the governement conspirancy about green little men that kept us on the edge for so long? Well, we have all of it in only 6 episode!!

Not all episodes can keep up with the high level that we fans are waiting for, but in average they do suceed. Out of the six we have one that is crearly the monster of the week one (10×03) and personally that is the best and most hillarious one of them all! Just to watch as an stand alone if you don’t feel like watching all 6, but if you can watch one, you can watch six in a row! As for the rest, they keep the main plot going forward, with the alien conspirancy always hanging above us. And as per the last one ending? Well, (no spoilers!) I can only say that I hope they relaunch the series. PLEASE!

As per our actors, David and Gillian are fresh as ever! Their bodies might have aged but their spirits have certainly not! We can still feel their on screen chemistry and that added to nowadays CGI technology makes this show as good as the old one. Yes, we all feel nostalgic about those 90s visual effects, but isn’t it cool to see and feel it more real and less fake? (Please don’t kill me).

Now let’s hope that we don’t wait another 15 years for more! We still want to believe!

Episode 10×03: Mulder and Scully meet the Were-Monster. Here the promo: