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“Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry.”

  • What is this movie about? big_short_ver2

Before the 2008 crisis, several people were aware of what was coming our way. They decided to take advantatge of what was abotu to come and try to show it into the world…


  • Why should you watch this movie?

If you want to learn something or more about the financial crisi that we suffered on the last decade, this is a good way to start. This movie is about it, about some people that realized what was going to happen before it did indeed. In a fresh way it explains to the audience some financial terms, how did it happen, why did it happen, and so on but it doesn’t do it in a boring academic way, but in a motion picture one! You may even learn something!

About the cast, they are all a good choice and they are pretty good during their performance (see that Oscar nominations.. wink, wink) and if you didn’t know that they were in fact actors, you might even think that they are brokers! There are differnt subplots that we follow through the whole movie and although at first you might think that you are getting lost between all those numbers, that is not true. You always know where you are and who you should follow and why.

The movie is not boring at all, despite the theme of it. It’s worth watching it not only to learn or remember something that did actually happen, but to enjoy a good work made about something that we might not be interested at all and soemthing that we don’t want to hear about.

PS: Please pay special attention to the Margot Robbie scene, where she plays helserf,  and the Selena Gomez scene, where she also plays helsef. Both of them explain some financial terms to us, and believe me, you will NOT forget about it (or maybe 2 seconds after watching them…). They are both the most hillarious thing ever! SHere is a small preview of it 😉



  • Did you know?

– The quotation that appears on screen, “‘Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry.’ -Overheard at a Washington, D.C. bar” was in fact written by director and co-writer Adam McKay after unsuccessfully searching for the perfect quotation to use for that segment of the film.

– During the end of the Las Vegas trip, the transition scene cheekily and coincidentally ends overlooking a highway with a giant billboard of Martin Short; literally a “Big Short”.

– After meeting with Dr. Michael Burry, the character he would play in the movie, Christian Bale asked to have Burry’s cargo shorts and T-shirt, which he then wore in the movie. Bale later said he hoped Burry would make it to the L.A. premiere, “because I really want to sit next to him and see if he’s going to punch me in the face.”

– Second Michael Lewis book Brad Pitt has produced and appeared in, the other being Moneyball.

– Ryan Gosling’s first appearance in a film after announcing his “break” from acting in March of 2013.

– Second collaboration between Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei and Steve Carell. The three first starred in Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011).