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“Beware of Crimson Peak”

  • What is this movie about?crimson_peak

In the aftermath of a family tragedy, a young woman is torn between love for her childhood friend and the temptation of a mysterious outsider, a British man who came to America with his sister seeking for funds for his projects…

  • Why should you watch this movie?

First of all, this is not a ghost story, but a story of ghosts. If you are looking for some pure horror movie, something like Insidious, then  this is not it, although you will jump from your seat at some point, which is always welcome!

Best thing about this movie is the visual sight of it all, the sets, the house, the wardrobe! Everything has been taken care up to the littlest detail ever! It is like a gothic fairytale, but instead of fairies you will find some ghost wandering around at some point in the story… The house, for example, is soo big and there are so many things in it that you might start thinking, really? Why is this like that?

All characters are really well-played by their actors and actresses  but  Personally, I loved Jessica Chastain’s performance. She is really terrific in her role as the sinister sister; since the moment she appears, she simply takes the show home. Absolutely fantastic she is! (She should take more roles like this!)

This is above all a Guillermo del Toro’s movie and you can feel his touch in it and if you like his movie this one won’t disappoint you. Just go and enjoy it!

Bonus: At some point in the movie a friend of mine shouted: “That’s Batman!!”. Which I found really hilarious because I was like: “That’s a ninja!!”. Watch the movie and try to guess which scene I am referring to XD

  • Did you know?

– Though the house was built in its entirety, it had to be torn down at the end of the shoot in order to make space in the studio.

– Everything in the house was made for the house. Nothing was reused from salvaged parts.

– Guillermo del Toro did some slight rewrites on the script after Tom Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska were cast.

– The shooting schedule for Crimson Peak was 68 days, which is significantly shorter than Guillermo del Toro’s other recent films (Pacific Rim (2013) was 100, Hellboy (2004) was 135).

– Though Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma Stone were initially cast, Tom Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska were Guillermo del Toro’s next choices for those roles, respectively.

– Universal wants to release the film around Halloween, and since he wouldn’t finish the film until December 2014 or January 2015, the release date had to be set for October 2015.

– The city of Kingston’s city hall and market square were used for portions of the film. The city is located in the province of Ontario inside the country of Canada

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