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  •   What is it about?

We have a man who has to go back with his family to Abuddin, a fictional Middle East country, where his father is the dictator and from where he flew when he was young, in order to attend his nephew’s wedding…


  • Why should you watch it?

Do you like Homeland? Then that’s enough reason to watch this series (it’s from the same producers). Although there is no CIA involved in here, just more family and values centered, which doesn’t mean that is bad!

First season was good. You got introduced to the characters and you saw some action and some hidden plots. The second season, on the other hand, gives more action and more cliffhangers and more “I want some more”. Above all, the main characters are strong and all have a reason to be. The actors and actresses really get into their characters and at some point you might love them and at some point you might hate them, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

What can I say? This second season it much better than the first, which is not an easy task in all the series offer we have nowadays. Just give it a chance, you might like it better than Homeland…

Let’s start the countdown for the third season!