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  • What is it about?

Some young scientific go to another world where they get powers which they will have to use so save our world (that would be the main idea of the movie).

  • Why should you (not) watch it?

The movie is 90 minutes long. From these 90 there like what? 15/20 minutes of action? Such a pity cause they had a nice material no shake things as bit and don’t let them be sooooo dull! And being a superhero movie we all expect some action, right? Otherwise we would go and watch some soapy movie instead!

Here is how the movie is split: 45min to introduce the characters + 10min action + 15min transition + 15min of action. THE END. Obviously the problem of this movie is the plot, really? 50% of the movie to introduce the characters? REALLY!? Believe me, that the Human Torch is black is the least of your concers. At least they could have made the movie longer and add more action, which is what all Marvel fan WANTS! But as Marvel fans, they will go to watch it only to get disappointed and becoming more eager for the upcoming Captain America movie, so nice job Fox!

The actors they try they best, cause they are not bad actors, but they can’t do anything with the shitty plot, really, nice try but nope. Please, give the movie rights to Disney cause I think they could get more profit from them. Such a waste of good characters and stories…. Watched the trailer, watched the movie. Hell, I even miss the 2005 version…

  • Did you know?

This film was made so Fox could keep the film rights for the Fantasic Four. Fox waited the full 7 years they had, before going into production. Any longer, and Fox would have lost the film rights.

Marvel wasn’t fond of the direction the film was going, and made mention of it in a Marvel Comic: “The Punisher” #14 has the Four (in the likeness of the cast members of this film) get taken down in an explosion.

When Susan is tracking a signal, there is an IP address on a screen: “”. This will lead to online articles for Latveria, Dr. Doom’s homeland.

This was planned to exist in the same universe as the “X-Men” films (for which was also scripted by Simon Kinberg) and thus lead into a crossover. These plans were scrapped due to the film’s negative reception.

In the scene where Franklin Storm talks to Victor Domashev as he’s sat behind his computers, in the background Deadpool’s mask insignia can be seen.

The music in the trailer is also the theme tune to Broadchurch (2013).

There is no after credits end scene, just a note that the making of the film involved 15,000 jobs (UK showing).

Released a decade after Fantastic Four (2005), of which this film is a reboot.