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  • What is this movie about?

Although this is Chapter 3, it’s actually Chapter 1 from the Insidious saga.

Here we find a girl whose mother passed away but she thinks that she is trying to contact her via spiritual means. Therefore she visits a medium to contact her mother. But then something else is being contacted…


  • Why should you (not) watch this movie?

For the newcomers, this is a horror movie that is not bad made. You can watch is a stand alone or watch it and then watch the other two and then you will realize what you have been missing, as the other two are much better than this one.

This one looks like a movie just to get some money, nothing more, nothing less. You spend the whole movie like.. ok… when are they gonna do it and get over with it? Thankfully, the movie is not thaaat long and you can watch it within the blink of an eye, which is sad, as it i had higher expectations (same happened with Annabelle, now that i think about it…).

This movie could be categorized as a horror movie from the pile, nothing special, something just to spend some time and then forget about it. if you loved the first two Insidious you will be disappointed, if not, please go watch them now!! If you were wondering about the “red” friend (the best of the movie by the way), you will find your answer in the next one, that’s the original one.


  • Did you know?

– James Wan was unavailable to return as director for the third installment due to his scheduling conflict with Furious Seven (2015).

– This film is a prequel to the first Insidious film, set after Josh’s childhood and before Dalton’s haunting

– In the Specs (Leigh Whannell)’s jacket can be seen the logo of Casper (1949), the iconic friendly ghost.