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  • What is this movie about?

Samba is an immigrant who has been living 10 years in France but still doesn’t have the official permits to find a stable job. Alice is a woman who is working as a volunteer in an association who helps immigrants in trouble after leaving her previous job for some time. The path of these two different people crosses and their lives change.

  • Why should you watch it?

This is a movie from the authors of “The Intouchables” (2011), so of course, the comparison will be unavoidable. But let me tell you, both movies are something different, though the style is present there, as does Omar Sy. This is a movie about life itself. It will make you feel many emotions: it will make you laugh, it will make you yelp, it will make you feel tense.

On one side, you see what an immigrant without his working permit has to do in order to survive in an European country, why he is there, what he does.. On the other side, you see a burnout woman who tries to find herself back. The story simply flows slowly, as life does, no rush things (as we are used to with some American movies) but everything goes at its own speed, because there are some things that cannot be rushed.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is THE movie. From the first time she is on-screen she steals the show. She really gets into character and you can feel identified with her (hell, where is my horse!!?). Opposite her there is Omar Sy, who is also great and make you feel tense at some points of the movie because of his situation. then, there are the supporting roles played by Tahar Rahim, another immigrant trying to survive in Paris, and Izïa Higelin playing a ONG worker who introduces Charlotte’s character into the reality that immigrants are facing everyday.

This movie feels really close to you and you cannot help but feel connect with its characters, so give it a try and watch it in its native French language!