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  •  What is this movie about?two_mothers_ver2

This is story of two friends. Two friends since childhood, also neighbours, who happen to have each a teenager son. Things get out of hand one each of them falls the other’s son..

  • Why should you watch it?

At first the idea of falling for your best friends’ son is awkward but if in return, said best falls for your son..  how would you feel about it? This is a question which answer we receive in this movie.

What I think is good about this movie is the way it depicts this strange relationships, which is really real, maybe unusual, but real nonetheless. There is no drama or soppy stuff going on as we are used when incestuous things are shown in the big screen. This is a plain story about four people who are attracted by the other (two in two) and what consequences this attraction has not only on them but on the people around them.

We have Naomi Watts and Robin Wright playing the friends and two less known actors playing they yummy sons (we absolutely understand why!!). Both actresses are simply brilliant playing their characters, as we are used to when they have strong characters to play.

  • Did you know?

– Doris Lessing’s original novel “The Grandmothers” was said to be based on a true incident.

– Anne Fontaine’s first English language film.