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” You can’t get rid of the Babadook “

  • What is this movie about?

A widow and her son live peacefully until one day he starts misbehaving and saying that there is something in their house.. Shortly after they find a book with the story of the Babadook…in their house…


  • Why should you watch it?

Some quality horror movie (finally!!). Yes, what can I say, this is a good quality movie, not a piece of art, but a quite entertaining horror movie worth your time and money. The plot is more of the same, haunted house plus haunted object, but guess what, this time the idea works more than fine! It give you chills when it has to. It gives you stress when it has too. It even gives you goosebumps when it has too.

Unknown actors are also an important (f)actor in this movie. Sometimes you wish for a hammer to hit the kid… and the mom also! The kid specially give you goosebumps at some point… And let’s not forget the Babadook as another actor! Though you hear it more than see, it feels like he is in the same room with us!!

Please, start screaming! :O

  • Did you know?

– Babadook is an anagram of “A bad book”

– The name Babadook was inspired by the Serbian word for boogeyman, babaroga.

– Of the film’s modest budget, $30,071 was raised via Kickstarter. Most of the funds raised from Kickstarter were channelled toward the art department.

– The babadook is based on the short film Monster (2005). The director calls it the “baby babadook”.