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“When the heart rules the head, disaster follows.”


  • What is this movie about?

Set in the late 20s, the Jazz era. Here we have the most famous magician in the world which is summoned by a friend to unmask a medium that lives at the french coast with her mum.


  • Why should you watch it?

If you are a Woody Allen fan then you definitely should watch this movie!! This one continues Woody’s travels around Europe, this time on the French Blue Coast. Many Woody Allen’s films have a touch of magic on them, in this, magic is the main character, making us

Then, we have the actors and actresses. Colin Firth plays the always British gentleman, the magician that doesn’t believe in real magic and whose mission is to unmask Emma Stone’s medium. She can read people’s lives, their pasts and maybe even their future!! The chemistry between the two is really funny, as Colin spends most of the film trying to trick Emma into revealing herself as a fraud. But as in Woody’s films… there is always some trick inside the sleeve….

This movie is not a masterpiece, but is a movie worth watching. This is Woody’s annual movie, not good, not bad, but good enough to spend your time on it.