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“Who do you trust?”



  • What is it about?

We have Nessa Stein, a british-jewish who inherits her family arms business and tries to promote the reconciliation between Israel and Palestine but she will find herself in a battle that she can no longer avoid…


  • Why should you (definitely) watch it?

First of all, in this series you can feel that is not americanized, quite the contrary, I had the feeling that was really real, not like these action movies where the good guys (mainly white west men) win. Not at all!!! Myabe it has something to do that is produced by the BBC…. ūüėČ

The main topic, that is the conflict between Palestine and Israel is something that is happening while you are reading this. It is a matter that has such a potential for fiction work, a matter to which they take profit in this series.There is the conflict and there are the players from both sides, both sides have they reasons to get into action, they have allies in the other side or in a side that you don’t expect to…

This series is simply a magnificent work, where you cannot feel which side is the good one (everyone can get to their own conclusions thought). You’ll get hooked from the first minute and you will asking for more and more, because on each episode something new unveils, but not in the classical cliff hang way but in a more stylish one.

Secondly, we have Maggie¬†Gyllenhaal an american actress playing a british-jewish. When I heard her it was like, because I know she is american otherwise she would have fooled me!! She does an amazing performance and it won’t be guessing much saying that some awards nominations are coming her way…

You will like this series if you like Homeland, but believe me, this one is much better and it’s a pity that is hasn’t been so much advertised, because it’s definitely worth your time. So now, please¬†ditch Homeland and go and what this miniseries!! Only 8 episodes!! (yes, only…..)


  • Did you know?

–¬†Filmed over a period of three months.

–¬†Maggie Gyllenhaal has cited Emma Thompson as being a huge influence on how she came to her British accent.

–¬†Hugo Blick claimed to want someone with authority, intellect but also “otherness” to play the role of Maggie. He claimed that he knew Maggie Gyllenhaal was perfect for this “…the moment she stepped onto the floor”.

–¬†In order to persuade Maggie Gyllenhaal to the role, Hugo Blick claimed to only have to “fly to her New York home, show her the script and try some of her homemade nettle soup.”

–¬†BBC Controller Ben Stephenson had felt that his previous commission of a series from¬†Hugo Blick, The Shadow Line (2011), was a great success and was very keen to repeat the opportunity of working with Blick again.