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  • What is it about?

On the day of their 5th year anniversary Nick’s wife, Amy, goes missing. He doesn’t know where she is nor what happened, so he calls the police. But when the police finds blood in their kitchen… all suspicion falls on him.



  • Why should you (definitely) watch it?

Based on the best seller by Gillian Flynn this movie is a masterpiece. For starters, it is really faithful to the book, yes, some parts have changed from page to screen but there is nothing to worry about.

Secondly, one has to remember that this is a David Fincher movie, do I need to say anything else? He is the thriller master, and this movie is music for our ears in his hands. He really does an amazing job in directing it and giving the same charm that the book dies. We spend most of the time hanging from a cliff, waiting to see what is going to happen. Has he killed his wife or not!!??

Then, we have the cast. One might think, oh dear, Ben Affleck…. but no!! If you have read the book you know that Ben Affleck is the perfect choice for this character. Please check the teaser trailer below around 00.40, because that is THE reason why he is the only possible Nick Dune. He is really terrific in the movie, and we know that he is better behind than before the camera, but here we have to take off our hats and bow to him.

On the other hand, we have Rosemund Pike, charming british Rosemund, Icy Bond Girl Miranda Frost in “Die Another Day”, Lovely Austen’s Jane Bennet in “Pride and Prejudice. She is really a surprise in this movie,. she is playing not the usual role and she does an awesome job about it!!! I wouldn’t be surprised is she collects some awards through the year, cause she really deserves it. She embraces the character that Amy is and doesn’t let it go.

Now, go watch the movie and/or read the book!! what are you waiting for!!??? Ah, please watch this teaser trailer and tell me that you do not want to go to the cinema right now?


  • Did you know?

– Ben Affleck and his character Nick Dunne were both born on August 15.

– Although the film is based in North Carthage, Missouri Gone Girl was filmed in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Casting of extras had taken place in the Rose Theatre of Southeast Missouri State University, also located in Cape Girardeau.

– Ben Affleck postponed directing a film in order to work with David Fincher. “He’s the only director I’ve met who can do everybody else’s job better than they could,” states Affleck. On set one day, Affleck changed the lens setting on a camera an almost indiscernible amount, betting a crew member that Fincher wouldn’t notice. “But goddammit if he didn’t say, ‘Why does the camera look a little dim?'”

– Originally Nick was supposed to wear a Yankees cap in one scene. But Affleck, a die-hard Red Sox fan, refused to wear it. Ultimately he and Fincher compromised and in that scene he wears a Mets cap.

– This was the first time Ben Affleck had done full frontal nudity on-screen. Affleck said he agreed to do it because director David Fincher told him that he wanted it to be like a European movie, “warts and all”, that there could be no vanity from the actors as he wanted to portray the characters just as in real life.