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” She is the last one EVER “

  • What is it about?maze_runner

Thomas is deposited in a cage that takes him to the a place, kind of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, where every month somebody is send through this cage. They don’t remember their name or anything about themselves… These Lost Boys live in a Meadow near the entrance to a maze with big walls. During the day some of the boys explore the maze. At night they must come back because strange and dangerous creatures move through it. Since Thomas arrival strange things have been happening…

  • Why should you watch it?

This is a movie that will keep you entertained for its whole length. If you want to spend a good time away from reality, this is your movie. A good dose of mystery: why are they there? What are those things? Why is there a girl!!? A good dose of action: running, running, through the maze, fighting against those things too! Some dose of humor: great the scene of girl against boys (I had a good laugh there 😉 ) A good dose of science-fiction: let’s not forget that above anything this is a sci-fi movie! An excellent cast too, we see some familiar faces from Westeros and Narnia in there…

Yes, this is another movie based in a YA novel, but hey, it is worth watching! The film keeps you all the time in tension and nervous. What is going to happen? Why is this like that and that like this? In general, it is a really entertaining movie. Kind of The Hunger Games, but not like it at all. Yes, I know, it easy compare anything today to The Hunger Games, but can I say, we are being bombarded by so many YA novels and movies that the comparison is unavoidable!! Now, will they make a movie of the rest of saga? Let’s see how the money machine is flowing….


  • Did you know?

– The film was shot in 42 days.

– To prepare for shooting, director Wes Ball had the cast spend a night in the Glade set during boot camp.

– Producer Wyck Godfrey had his 3 boys offer casting advice. He would show his kids the auditions and get their feedback. His kids have read the books.

– Director, Wes Ball originally pitched ‘The Maze Runner’ as “Lord of the Flies meets Lost”.

– Kaya Scodelario’s favorite day on set was when she spent an entire shooting day on the top of a tree with O’Brien. She said that was when they really spent time together as actors and got to know each other better.