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 After 7 years, 80 episodes, lots of blood, sex and too much drooling (at least for my part for a while…), True Blood has come to an end. Last year, the books in wich the series is based on also ended. So we Truebbies are in a perpetual funeral…

About the series: Once upon a time there was a not so normal waitress, Sookie Stackhouse, who lived in the “normal” little town of Bon Temps, in Louisiana. One day came into “light” a vampire, Bill Compton, and her world was turned upside down. Did I mention that she can read minds? (no is not another Edward Cullen) And did I mention too, that this is a world where vampires are known to exist? And that they drink the True Blood, a synthetic blood so they “don’t” have to bite our asses? Cool, that aside many other characters step into action, here we see, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches… and vampires, vampires, vampires!!

From  first to fourth, the show was cool. You were there, sitting in front of your screen watching and expecting who will sleep with who, who was going to die, who was behind all the bad things, what was going to happen… The first season = first book. Exactly the same. Then, the second season started to divert itself from the books, so did the third and the fourth, but still they were cool. Then from fifth to seven… it was like…. WTF!?? I was really a pity, as the show started awesome, but then, I am still wondering why, they started to add senseless things. WHY!!!?? T_T Here into more detail, is my Alzheimer allows me to:

In the first season, (for me the best!) the main storyline was that somebody was killing people who were having things to do with vamps. We get introduced in this “I know vamps exist” world, we meet Sookie, the mind reader and her family, her brother, her co-workers, sexy Eric and cheeky Pam, and so.

On the second season, there was this crazy maenad, making orgy after orgy (yes, I am not exaggerating!). Then there is the “Fellowship of the Sun”, pro sunny, against vampies and had the quest for Godric. So, there was juicy, good stuff going on, and still book related. Plus, you get your hand full of laughs.

On the third season, we had werewolves and crazy Russell Edington (best one!) wandering around. And we cannot forget, Queen Sophie Anne, the craziest b*** on the show, splendidly performed by Evan Rachel Wood. So, the show was still high on awesome stuff, but diverting from the books (not that we were complaining though).

On the fourth season, we had witches added in the mix (brilliant Harry Potter’s aunt Petunia!). Crazy witches against lusty vamps. Yeah, in the season at some point it was even like Twilight all along, but that happened later, if you Trubbies don’t know what I am talking about remember clueless Eric + Alcide + Sookie by a pond, wink, wink! If I am not mistaken, is around here that Sookie find out she is a fairy. A fairy!!! this could have given so much stuff to exploit, but it did not…

On the fifth season, we had this crappy Lilith thing. Vamps trying to invoke some king of goddess, plus shitty werewolf pack master stuff, plus some fairy stuff… Oh please! Yes, this is the instant when the series starts going downward… Although they tried to keep it up by birngin back Russell Edington into action, not such a thing.

On the sixth season, it transformed into Lilith-Bill, still crappy shit. Plus they add Warlow, fairy god going after Sookie after some thing that happened before season one started. That part was not that bad, but still, way to kill the mood.

Finally, on the seventh season, one was naive enough to think that they were going to end it like the show deserved. Having enough time to write a proper script and ending it how it had to. But no! Still they had to keep going with the crap and killing main characters faster than George R. R. Martin, what for? Nothing for, it added nothing to the show. Did I mention that I don’t like the series end? Heck, I prefer the one from the books (and that is no better, believe me T_T) I shall find my true death, after seven Trubbie years….


Here some of the most hilarious scenes: