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“I am Groot”

  • What is this movie about?guardians_of_the_galaxy_ver2

Light years from Earth, 26 years after being abducted, Peter Quill finds himself the prime target of a manhunt after discovering an orb wanted by Ronan the Accuser. He will meet a bunch of people from all over the galaxy, some friends other foes, that will help him discover the mystery about the orb.


  • Why you should (definitely) watch this movie?

Guardians of the galaxy. Who knew about them? Only Marvel nerds I suppose. We’ve been always been told about Spiderman, Ironman, Thor..etc… even the archenemies like Superman or Batman. But about them? Nope!! So, when I saw the trailer I though, ohhh more “superheroes”? But when you watch the trailer, you know this movie will be something else. And hell it is.

This movie is made of a great quality material. The storyline is catchy, the characters are lovable, and the environment is really cool. While I was watching it I got reminded about Farscape (that 90s Australian TV series) where a bunch of people from different species have to work together to keep going on. Sounds it familiar? But here the reason why they have to work together is completely different, and everything has a reason to be. Remember, this is the Marvel universe, all movies are (or should be) connected when way or another.

What I liked the most about this movie are the characters. Superheroes movies? Not at all! they are not the typical superhero, they are just a bunch of people who do the things they because they want/have to. Each of them have their selfish reason, don’t forget about that, but that doesn’t make you like them less, because they are human beings (other species included). Rocket and Groot, specially Groot, will not stop making you laugh. Nothing to do with other Marvel movies, this is simply different.

Furthermore, there is the soundtrack. All this 80s music, makes you wanna dance like there is no tomorrow. For people who lived at that time, it makes you nostalgic. In addition, the soundtrack reached Nr. 1 in the US billboard. And yes, you’ll be hooked on a feeling for more Guardians of the Galaxy.


  • Did you know?

– The Guardians of the Galaxy is primarily based on the 2008 comic team (Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and Groot), but features Yondu, a member of the original 1969 comic team.

– The film is to set the 2nd phase in the cinematic Marvel universe.

– According to James Gunn, Star-Lord’s obscene gesture was an improvisation by Chris Pratt

– According to James Gunn, the “Milano” is named after Quill’s childhood crush, Alyssa Milano.

– Vin Diesel recorded all of his “I am Groot” lines in several different languages, including Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, and French so that they could use his real voice in the film around the world.

– Zoe Saldana wanted to portray Gamora through makeup rather than computer-generated imagery or performance capture.

– Zoe Saldana nearly broke Chris Pratt’s ribs while filming a fight sequence. During training, Pratt and Saldana would wear protective gear so that they could actually hit each other. However, when the day came to film the actual scene, Pratt forgot to wear his protective gear and did not tell Saldana because he thought she would hold back if she knew. Saldana (under the impression that he was wearing the gear like he usually did) kicked him square in the ribs, which made Pratt fall to the ground. According to him, he had a bruise for the remainder of filming.

– It took makeup artists 5 hours daily to do makeup and apply 18 prosthetic tattoo pieces onto Dave Bautista. Chris Pratt revealed that during the process, Bautista stood the entire time, with hands holding onto rails that had tennis balls on them with no complaints whatsoever. Eventually the process was narrowed down to an average of 3 hours, at one time just below the average, while 90 minutes were required to remove the makeup.

– The soundtrack album “Awesome Mix, Vol. 1” reached number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, the first film soundtrack ever to reach number one without a single original song.

– Iron Man was planned to have a cameo role in this film (in homage to his being the Guardians’ latest member in the comics around 2013), but this was scrapped when Robert Downey Jr. said he may not reprise his role as Tony Stark in the future. Downey has since signed a contract to reprise the role for two ‘Avengers’ sequels.

– Benicio Del Toro’s uncredited cameo as The Collector in “Thor: the Dark World (2013)” was written to set the stage for the film.

– The trailer featured several bits and pieces (and lots of dialogue) of scenes, which then didn’t appear in the completed film, such Zoe Saldana seen topless from behind.