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  • What is this movie about?

Some years ago there was a battle in Chicago and now the Transformers have gone into hidden. A family finds one of them and they are being chased by some nasty guys that want all the Autobots dead, bla, bla bla…

For those who have a Transformers free mind: this is the 4th Transformers movie, the one that is actually a reboot of the saga. So, you can skip the previous ones, which by the way were more entertaining than this one.


  •  Why should you (not) watch this movie?

Yes, another Transformers movie. Yes, explosions. Yes, CGI. Yes, booom, booom!! That pretty much summarizes the whole movie. Ah! No Mega Fox. No Shia LaBeouf. Sorry guys!! Instead we have a new cast in here!! Who are good for this kind of movies. Specially Mark Wahlberg, always kicking asses and Stanley Tucci playing bad guy (again, kind of).

It is pretty clear that this movie’s focus is only one: money, money, money!! And it will succeed in so, cause so many people are going to watch it in cinemas. So, mission accomplished. Nonetheless, I have to say that (for me, of course) this is the worst of all Transformers movies. The previous ones were fine just to forget about the world and think about robots. In this one…. the first time I checked the watch it was only 10 minutes into the movie… and I had 2 hours more to go!!! LOOL! (only 130min more to go!!) Yes, the movie was too long for my likening. Furthermore, It was  a bit cheesy at some points, those father daughter conversations….please!!!

Yeah, visual effects are great, as always in Michael Bay’s movies. But besides that, the plot is sometimes nonsense. There is a new cast, If what you want is computer generated images, and some bang, bang, then watch it. But remember: Watch at your own risk!! By the way, way into the end of the movie you will go: this again??? How original, please!!!


  • Did you know?

– According to the filmmakers, 90% of Mark Wahlberg’s stunts in the film are done by him.

– This is the first Transformers property where Bumblebee says a human curse word.

– During filming in Hong Kong, there were hundreds of onlookers watching from nearby buildings and parking garages. After filming a huge explosive scene, Michael Bay used his megaphone to address people watching from on to of a building across the way: “You guys think you’re going to wait up there and be in my movie? You’re gonna get digitally erased!”

– Dwayne Johnson was offered the role of Cade Yeager, but he declined due to scheduling conflicts with his movie Hercules (2014).

– Canonically, Autobots have blue (optics) eyes and Decepticons have red optics. In this movie, Lockdown and Stinger have green optics; and amongst the Dinobots, Scorn and Strafe have blue optics, Grimlock and Slug have red optics, and Slash has green optics.

– The film introduces a less complex, smoother design for the robots, inspired by the designs from the IDW Transformer comics and Transformers: Prime (2010).

– The first feature film to be partially shot with the IMAX 3D digital camera. Originally only select sequences of the film were to be shot using the camera. However once he began using it on the set, Michael Bay enjoyed using the camera so much he not only shot up to 60% of the film in the format, but he had the IMAX corporation build him a second camera.

– Paramount Pictures entered an agreement with teaming with the Chinese film companies China Movie Channel and Jiaflix Enterprises, to enable filming in China.

– In one scene there is a My Little Pony (2010) doll that turns into a gun. “Transformers” and “My Little Pony” are owned by Hasbro.