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The other day I was checkingthree days of normalg if there was anything new worth watching, and I came upon this movie. Well, truth to be told, I came up with its poster. For me the poster is already like the movie trailer, or even better, cause with only one image you can guess how the movie will be, what it might be about, and the most important thing, its quality. Some posters are really sooo bad that just thinking that somebody got paid for doing that sh**t, make you think why the world is so unfair. Anyway, here I present to you this indie movie.

  • What is this movie about?

We have the typical sheriff assistant, of the typical small town in the typical state. He always does his work properly and because of so people hate him, kind of. Then his peace is one day broken by a woman who arrives from the city. A woman famously known worldwide but not by him… She is scaping from something….and kind of feels comfy with him, cause he treats her like a normal being….

  •  Why should you not watch this movie?

This movie may sound like the typical movie directed to female audiences, it may remind you of other movies which do not have filling, which are not worth of your memory. But this one is none of the things stated before. It is a movie about reality, about how two people from different worlds can meet each other halfway (right at the border, as the song says). It is a movie without stupid clichés, just the plain truth and the normal path that would follow if that situation would happen to anyone of us.

The actors and actresses are not well-known faces, but you know them from somewhere, maybe from a series, maybe from another not popular movie. Nonetheless, all of them do a great job. You have a laugh with them, you don’t have it with them.

This is an indie movie. Is not a blockbuster. Not something that we are used to. It is something different. you might not like it, you might love it, I only say, give it a chance 😉

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