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Orange is back, and it is back as good as it ended last season. Here I was, doing an orange marathon for the weekend… and believe me, it was one of the best weekends so far. Thanks to Netflix I had no social life for the time that all 12 episodes took time… but hey, who I am to complain!!?

  • What is this series about?

This is the story of Piper Chapman, a goody two shoes white girl in her thirties who is engaged but she is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend. Yes you read it right, girlfriend, G-I-R-L-F-R-I-E-N-D. So this is a real based story about her (mis)adventures in prison…

  • Why should you watch it?

For starters, this is a series about prison yes, but if “Prison Break” or “Oz” come to your mind (as sometimes they do) just forget about them (in the series department, if you are thinking about movies.. the same goes!!). This series is most humor centered and that is where its success relies!! Imagine this: a women’s prison full of crazy women. There we have: the white ones, the black ones, the latina ones, the old ladies ones, the pro-religion ones, the lesbian ones, the foreigners ones… All under the same roof and all trying to survive in there the best way they can. Plus, there are always the freaky ones…. We have a laugh about it, but imagine being in their situation… not a one I would like to be in (100% sure).

The story is told (specially in season 1) from the main character point of view, that is a white girl who always has been daddy little girl. In each episode we learn something from her past and not only this, in each episode we learn something more from a different intern, that is, we learn about her life outside prison and why they ended in there. sometimes they deserve it, sometimes no. Life itself. In season 2, we see more about the others and Piper is less than the main character, but that does not mean that it isn’t good!!

All the cast does an amazing job playing their parts, one good thing about this show is that most of the cast (before the show, because now it is impossible) were not really famous, besides Jason Biggs aka Mr American Pie, but he has a minor role in the show, so we will let it go…

By the way, in this season 2 there is even a cameo by “The Fault in our Stars”!!

  • Did you know?

– This series is based on the 2010 memoir “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison” by Piper Kerman. Kerman wrote the book about the 13 months of a 15-month sentence that she served at a federal correctional facility in Danbury, Connecticut. One immediate change that the show makes to Kerman’s story is changing the main character’s last name to “Chapman” instead.

– The title of this series and the memoir on which it is based is a reference to a common American saying that originated in the fashion industry: “(Non-black color) is the new black,” meaning that another color (such as gray or navy blue) is that season’s basic wardrobe builder in the same way that black normally is. Because bright orange is a common color for American prisoners’ uniforms, the title is a play on this common expression.