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  • What is this movie about?

ocho_apellidos_vascosOcho Apellidos Vascos, is about the cultural differences whit in Spain. The story starts in Sevilla, where Amaia is having her supposedly hen party with some friends. There she meets a Sevillian guy, Rafa, and is hate at first sight, though they spend the night together (sort of). The next day Rafa fins Amaia’s purse and decides to go to the Basque Land to give it back to her. And the fun starts!!

  • Why should you watch this movie?

All actors play wonderfully their part, though some are playing what they are not. From minute one, you cannot stop laughing, with all the cultural clichés, and all the good job that the actors and actresses do. Yes, there are intern jokes that foreigners might not understand, but nonetheless, is a movie worth your time, cause you will be able to appreciate watch a diiverse culture our country has. Here there is special attention between the Basques and the Andalusians, though you don’t need to be one of them to understand it all.

If you are a Spaniard, you probably have watched this movie and have collaborated with the Spanish cinema (thank you very much!). If you are foreigner, you might not understand the culture clash that appears in the movie, for as you see, within Spain there are four co-official languages and many different cultures all under the Spanish umbrella. So this movie, is our everyday life, our culture, what we now and what we feel identified with; and here, it is all reflected in a funnier way than reality.

  • Did you know?

– The original title of the movie means: Eight Basque Surnames, although in the USA it has been translated as “Spanish Affair”.

– The movie has made a national record being the movie most watched in Spain.

– There will be a sequel, probably called: “Nueve Apellidos Catalanes” (Nine Catalan Surnames).

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