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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

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  • What is this movie about?

In the far future man has destroyed the Earth as it was known. There were the “Seven Days of Fire” where destruction was everywhere. Humanity is now living in small pockets dispersed through the world. One of those pockets is the Valle y of the Wind, land of princess Nausicaa. Moreover, there is the Toxic Jungle, a jungle where the air is toxic and unless you are wearing a mask to breathe you may die. This jungle has XXL size bugs as its inhabitants. These bugs destroy anything that gets near the jungle. Nausicaa, instead of fighting against these huge bugs, tries to understand them and what meaning do they have in this world. Furthermore, there is this war between pockets, ones that want to eliminate the Toxic Jungle once for all from the Earth surface, and those who rather keep living like they have been doing in the last years…

  •  Why should you watch this movie?

Just two word: Hayao Miyazaki. Miyazaki’s first film became his first masterpiece (more to come in the next decades) and after so many years since its release, it still has the freshness of the first day (pity that I discovered it so late!!), it still had the magic, the passion, everything that made it a classic movie from the first second you lay eyes on it. It is a story with a background message that still nowadays, three decades later, can reach you with the same strenght as it did 30 years ago. The story is magnificent, the characters have their stories, the design is not old-fashioned… it is a movie for all audiences. A movie that young and not so young will love, no matter how old you are. If you liked “Princess Mononoke”, you will like this one. If you have watched this one and have not yet watch “Princess Mononoke” (also from Miyazaki”) I don’t know what are you waiting for… Go for it!! Meanwhile I will wait to lay my hands on the manga….

  •  Did you know?

– Adapted from the first two volumes of the original manga which Hayao Miyazaki wrote and drew for Animage from February 1982 through March 1994. He took breaks from working on the manga & worked on the earlier anime films he did. The manga is longer and more complex than the movie, featuring many more characters and places.

– Hayao Miyazaki was so upset by the original international cut version that he sent a samurai sword to the Executive at Disney with a simple note which read: “No cuts.” – Nausicaä is the name of a character in Homer’s Odyssey.

– While many consider this to be a Studio Ghibli film, it was actually created before the studio was properly founded. The first movie produced by Studio Ghibli was “Castle in the Sky.”

– Many of the pieces of technology that the Tolmekians use bear a passing visual resemblance to German technology from the WWII era. For example, their large transport airships are visually similar to the ME 323 “Gigant” transport plane, their weapons are reminiscent of FG-42 paratrooper rifles, and their tanks appear similar to Sturmhaubitze 42 assault guns.

– Ohmu means “king of the insects” in Japanese. It is short for “O-mushi” (“big/great insect”). – The name Mehve (Nausicaä’s glider) is derived from “Möwe”, the German word for “seagull”.

– The military planes invading the Valley have yellow wingtip undersides. Hitler’s Luftwaffe had similar yellow identification markings during German invasions of surrounding countries.