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  • What is this movie about?

Oh no…. another vampire movie!!! T__T NO!!! Nothing further than the truth!! Yes, there are vampires, but they are nothing like Blade, the Cullens or Selene… This is a story about two (vampire) lovers who live in our days and who want to be reunited again. He is living in Detroit and she in Argelia. The only thing that may cause them trouble is her (vampire) sister.

  • Why should you watch this movie?

Here we have a movie about vampires which is not about vampires. The main characters are the husband, Adam, and the wife, Eve, and their relationship far from each other. Lately we have been able to see too many vampires movies (mainly action ones) and yes, we are tired of those….always…the same….movies…. but this one is not one of those, and you should give it an opportunity, cause there is no action at all. The movie is filmed in a dark filter and in a really vampirish style, meaning that it flows slowly but constantly.

This movie is more a drama than anything else, about two lovers who are different from the rest, they feed on blood, but who have the same problems as the rest of couples: work related, family related…. About the actors: First, we have Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki), and he is really good! Here he plays the musician vampire, to whom music (besides his wife) is everything in “life”. Music is an important issue in this movie, as is culture in general, everything really indie orientated. Secondly, we have Tilda Swinton (aka the bad which from Narnia) really cool too, specially when she is sharing the screen with Tom. You can feel their “vampire” connection. Finally, there is Mia Wasikowska (aka Alice in Wonderland) as the young sister, who also steals the others presence whenever she is on the screen with them.

To sum it all up, all the actors and actresses do a good job and make this movie a little indie treasure worth your time. Because…if you were a vampire….. in today’s world,…. in today’s society…. how would you behave…? Think about it.

  • Did you know?

– Michael Fassbender was in talks to play a role.

– There was some action in the film at first. But when Jarmusch was asked to add more he instead removed all of it.

– Among the books Eve packs for her trip to Detroit are the play “Endgame” by Samuel Beckett, “Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra, and “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace.

– Although Jim Jarmusch wanted to shoot this movie on film and has a general distaste for digital cinematography, he had to use the Arri Alexa for budgetary reasons. He managed to work with low lighting and specific lenses in order to come up with a look he found acceptable enough to work for him.

– There’s a bar in Delray (Detroit) that they filmed some outside shots at. The bar was called “Ideal” and had been closed since 1986. The old man who owned the bar had to purchase the house next door in order to have access to the cement stairway between the buildings to get to the outside basement level of the bar. The old man told everyone on the cast and crew who would listen how it took him so long to purchase the bar and to talk the old lady that owned the house to sell to him although he didn’t want the house (he only wanted the cement staircase that led to the basement level). Shortly after the filming at the bar (which took place in late July 2012) the old man torched the house next door for the insurance money.