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“American for Business. France for Love”

populaireIt is the fifties, somewhere in Normandie. There is this girl who knows how to typewrite at an amazing speed and who wants to become a secretary. She goes for an interview in the nearby city and she gets the job. Her boss, seeing how fast she writes, sees the potential in her so she signs her up for a typewriting competition…

  • Why should you watch this movie?

French cinema has movies worth our time, beside those movies that reach our countries, either Spain or the USA, through the big door (ex: “Untouchables”, “La Vie en Rose”, “Amélie”…). This one is not that big of a film, but nonetheless, is a film worth watching to learn something about that period of time in France and to learn about the typewriting world that now does no longer exist. If you are a Mad Men fan, you will certainly recognize the style, those late 50s and early 60s.

In this movie we can appreciate this typewriting world from a woman’s point of view, specially this competition world (truth to be told I had no idea that there were these kind of competitions) in France and around the world. Romain Duris is a well-known actor that has made many films in France (shame we don’t know him that much), with him we have Déborah François, and when both are on-screen you can feel their chemistry (just try to watch the movie in French, pleaaaase). She is so clumsy and he is so patient, really well-balanced. Moreover, there is Bérénice Bejo, world known for being the female main character in the Oscar-winning movie “The Artist”, who gives that touch of glamour to the film.

To sum it up, it is a predictable story but who does not like these kind of stories? Its historical context and adaptation plus the actors and actresses performances make it worth watch. And remember, better to watch in French. i strongly recommend it!!

By the way “Populaire” stands for the brand of the typewriting machine.