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three_hundred_rise_of_an_empire_ver2The six-pack are back!! And how are they back…. This movie is at the same time a prequel and a sequel of the film “300”. It is a prequel because we see the origin of Xerxes’ story and how he got to fight against Leonidas and the 300 in the previous film. It is a sequel because it is explained what happens after “300”, the fight keeps going between the greek and the Persians. and Wait!! This movie is also a parallel story of “300”, cause we can see what happens at the same time!! We can see how the Athenians are doing while the Spartans are dining in hell!! So we have 3 in 1 here!! Will we have another sequel? Most probably.

  • Why should you watch this movie?

There are two simple words to watch this movie: Eva Green. It does not matter in which team are you playing, you will simply love her. she plays Artemisia a greek pro persian who is a badass and enjoys killing fellow Greeks. Whenever she is on the screen, you forget about anything else (the six-pack included). As she always does in all her roles, she steals the focus of the movie. Since the first moment she is performing she catches you in her spell and you cannot help but feel a bit badass too! For the fist time ever she plays the bad guy, and I wish her future roles will be bad guys, cause she really knows how to do her job.

The sense of the movie keeps up with that from “300”: violence, blood, six pack, Cercei Lanister and a particular rendezvous between Artemisia and Themistocles (worth its replay in one’s home for sure!). The sentence: “you fight better than you fuck” will make history!!! If you liked the first movie, you will like this one too (and will wait for the next one).

  • Did you know?

– The original script featured King Leonidas from 300 (2006), but he was ultimately cut out. This was due to Gerard Butler, who turned down to reprise his role as Leonidas, since it “wasn’t really [his] thing”.

– Eva Green was the only actress considered for the role of Artemisia and luckily for the film-makers she agreed to do it as they had no. No. 2 choice.

– Rodrigo Santoro spent 6 hours in the make-up chair every single day to morph into his character. Even after the make-up was done, he couldn’t move much because all of the jewelry and piercing that he was wearing was very delicate and would break if he moved a lot.

– The line “we choose to die on our feet rather than live on our knees” is a plural variation of the most famous phrase from popular mexican revolution character Emiliano Zapata.

– The film is credited as being an adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel ‘Xerxes’. However, it is an adaptation in name only. The script was written at the same time as the novel and not after the novel was finished so ultimately the two are different. In fact, as of the film’s release date, the novel is not even complete and Miller has reportedly drawn only 2 out of a projected 5 issues and none have been colored. The book has no release date yet or an expected date of completion either.

– The entire male cast of the earlier film, “300” (2006), famously sported extremely well-defined “six-pack abs” as they went bare-chested for the entire film. The look, which came to be known as the 300 look or the Spartan look, became very famous in the media and popular culture and came to be strongly associated with the film. The look was heavily promoted by the marketing department in posters, stills, behind-the-scenes features and footage and by the male actors in interviews where they spoke about the rigorous training required to achieve that look. For the sequel, Sullivan Stapleton said that he also had to develop “six-pack abs” as it was almost a pre-requisite for a “300” film.