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When I first saw this movie trailer I thought: “it does not look good…”. But here I was, giving it a chance (to see if it was as bad as it looked like) and believe me, it actually does…


  • Why should you NOT watch this movie?

hercules_the_legend_beginsIf we mix “300”, “Gladiator”, “Troy” and more greek myths, we have this movie. A movie with a scheme not original at all: Queen is not happy with her king, Zeus visits Queen and she has his Hercules; years later, Hercules goes lovely doo with Princess of Crete, but surprise!! She is engaged to his badass older brother, then the king send Hercules to war = to his death? Here one can start to guess what happens in the end ( I will let you think until the end of this review). So then, Maximus… err… I meant Hercules, becomes a badass gladiator and gets his way back to his beloved. By the way, have I mentioned that he has no super strength at all? We do not see it until later in the film when he is chained like Jesuschrist and asks for help to his (God) daddy  and he goes all Incredible Hulk. So back into the Spartacus arena… yes!! I forgot to mention, there is the actor who plays Spartacus in the flesh!! He is a general who befriends Hercules when he is sent into war. At this point in the movie, you are waiting for those HD fights and some flesh (yummy). But sorry to disappoint you, this is Hercules, not Spartacus the series (rated R), so ladies, no lucky for us….. Focusing on the actors, let’s not forget that the main character, Hercules, is portrayed by Emmet Cullen and he is not a vampire God, but just a plain man and maybe an underwater model too, cause he really has a style to get out of the water…

At some point(s) in the movie you get a bit lost because you are like, how did this happen so fast? Have I missed anything? The answer is NO! (and be thankful for that). You only have wasted 90 minutes of your whole life and by the end you cannot stop thinking: I liked the Disney movie much better!!

  • Did you know?

– Kellan Lutz said that because he was shirtless through much of the movie, he could constantly do push-ups and ab-crunches on set before takes without fear of sweating into his costumes and staining them. He said it allowed him to look pumped on camera greatly enhancing his looks and he ended up doing more than a thousand push-ups and ab-crunches every day on set for the duration of the shoot.

– Director Renny Harlin mandated that all the male actors shave their legs along with their torsos because the film was being shot natively in 3D and he said that hair stuck out when you shot with stereoscopic cameras.