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                               “What you ask me is just shy of treason.                                 Just shy… which is politics”



After one year waiting for the second season of “House of Cards”, the wait is over!!! Believe me, this season was worth the wait!! Francis Underwood and his beloved wife are back to keep kicking asses! This season starts where the first one ended and new objectives (and old ones) are on the line of view of the Underwood’s. Both Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright pick up their characters where they left them and their strength does not fall for a single second. After doing a 24 hours marathon (ok.. it was only 13 hours!!) now I feel overcarded and the wait for the next season starts now… only 365 days with its nights… sigh…

  • What is this series about?

Francis Underwood is a congressman in the US Capitol. The new president of the United States has just been elected and Francis was promised a high place in the new administration, but what a surprise does he get when he is informed that there is no place for him. From then on his objective is pretty clear: to get back into the game and get a place in the White House no matter what. With the help of his beloved wife Claire and Zoe, a beginner journalist, he will start to climb up onto the stairs of power.

  • Why should you watch it?

In four words: Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. It is not a surprise that both of them got nominated in their respective categories for best actor and actress in a a drama show in the last Golden Globes awards, and the later actually did win it! The chemistry between them is awesome and they portrait of this (weird) married couple, whose objectives are linked together above anything else, is so incredible that sometimes you think, what kind of marriage is that?

Then we have the story. Some can think that it is too exaggerated, others can think that is really faithful to this world, but nonetheless no one can avoid getting addicted to it. What is going on behind those doors where the power and rulers of one nation are is shown in a very detailed way, so much that sometimes you get confused with so many ongoing and outgoing, but anyway, we get the main idea of how this world work: show me the money!!

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